Beauty still Blooms~

We’re still running our little feet to the ground around here…racing at deadlines, catching items from our to-do lists and pinning them down.  Life with 2 teenagers finishing their school years can be quite complicated, especially when you add the fact that one of them is being schooled at home by yours truly and the other is graduating, which requires the throwing of a big celebration party….as well as attending a new little baby shower (a new grand-neice= yay!)  and a 50th anniversary party (congratuations: Doss & Mariann!)  

I’m right now as we speak looming knitting something very precious and pink and I’m just dying to show you a little peek, but unfortunately, I’d risk letting the new mama see before her shower on Saturday.  So, I’ll have to just hold onto the delicious secret until after she receives it.  😉

But I wanted to let you know that even amongst all the ruckus around here, I have been finding the time to enjoy mother nature’s marvels in the form of a brand new first bloom from our long stemmed roses!  The other morning I arrived back home after taking my eldest to school (sadly, about a 50 min drive in the best of conditions!) and I spotted this glorious rose beaming up at me, with diamond drops frosting it’s petals…breathtaking!  I just had to take some pics to show you how lovely a moment it was:










Wasn’t that just a splendid trip down mother nature’s path?  Didn’t you feel a little pick-me-up in your mood?  You just can’t hold onto stress when you actually take time to look deep into a flower like this!  I love it!  🙂

Well…off to get more things accomplished.  I hope you have some moments of pure surrender to life’s little pleasures this week…they’re definitely worth treasuring!


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4 Responses to Beauty still Blooms~

  1. Brenda GA says:

    Awesome!!! I love, love, love floral close-ups. Needless to say, I’m a big Georgia O’Keeffe fan.

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the pictures, Brenda! 🙂 I still get all warm and fuzzy inside everytime I look at them…I’m very happy to be able to share the ‘lil pieces of happy, lol!

    I’ve just gone out and taken a few more of the same rose today… it’s opening up into quite a beauty! It’s really gorgeous! I’ll share pics soon. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Jenny says:

    Beautiful pics Bethany ❤ Isn't this a great time of year? My irises are in full bloom, I can smell my lilacs every time I step outside and my peonies are looking like they'll open up soon. I have some miniature roses but I've been wanting to put in a few full size rose bushes since we were building the house. 10 years later, I think it's about time… 😉 Big hugs and hope things settle down for you guys soon. Happy Summer!

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