Musings of the New Year & the Old~

I’ve been wracking my noggin’ over the last week about what I want to see happen in 2010.  I keep thinking it should be something fantastic, as it’s the first new decade into the new century of the new millennium!

But….then I think to myself, it’s just another day, passing into another year, as it inevitably does every year.  Why should this year be any more special or grandiose?  I think I’m not quite finished perusing the possibilities for the  new year ahead.  I guess I’m on retail time, lol.  I’ve worked in retail so long, that I think the idea of the old year not being completely finished until inventory has taken place, usually by the end of January, has rooted itself in my mind and emotions so completely that I can’t quite finish out the old year until the excitement from the holidays completely subside, and inventory of the previous year has been accomplished.

So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to mull over and reminisce a bit before thoroughly deciding what the new year should be about…is that okay?

First of all, I’d like to share a bit of loomy goodness that was passed out during the holiday celebrations as gifties to my friends and loved ones…

You’ve already seen the Double Knit Colorblock Scarf I presented my hubby in the previous post..

This was given to my Great-Nephew Blake.  It was created with him in mind and he’d had the fun of meeting it long before the holidays for photo ops.  It was neat to see him finally get to open his gift and find his Silly Snake nestled inside. 🙂

The new baby in the family, my Great-Nephew Tristan, was given the dapper clad Bailey Bear.  He’s a tad too young to really appreciate this little guy yet, but soon he’ll be learning how to dress and undress this furry little friend, I’m sure!  Actually, he could probably wear the little booties right now, lol!

My 10 year old  niece, Trinity, was given the Felted Rosette Handbag to keep as her very own… with a lovely gold and amethyst swarovsky crystal necklace tucked inside.

My family holds a large gift exchange at our big Christmas gathering… we each bring a present that is either for a girl or a guy, depending on what you are, lol!  This year, we needed to bring 3 girlie gifts for myself and my 2 daughters: 2 of them just happened to be some loomy goodies!

Warm Woolies

The first was a Cabled Mug Hug and mug, with some coffee, cocoas, and teas, of which my sister-in-law, Michelle, wound up receiving.  The second was one of my newest creations: Warm Woolies!  These were given to my neice, Justine, who apparently loves to wear mittens, and hers were starting to wear out…so perfect timing!

My 4 siblings and my parents received some kitchen goodies along with some Scrubby-O’s!  My mom and dad had a couple new double knit dishcloths added into their package, which I can’t believe that I completely forgot to photograph, as it is a new design of three that I’m working on for sharing with you all!  Silly me…I’ll have to make up another one, or see if I can bring my camera next time I go visit and take a few shots, lol.

My girlies were not left out and received some fibery goodness of their own, but unfortunately I can’t quite share it with you as yet, as I’m thinking of making that a surprise for later… 😉

I also have two more goodies to show you that involves gifties for the holidays, but I’d like to spend a little more time dedicated to each one.  One is a brand new design, that I’m thinking would be an excellent Loom Along for right here on the bloggie (!!!) and the other is a new twist on an older, yet no less adorable, little loomy project!

So…while I’m ruminating about how to go about spending this new year that’s beginning to unfold right before our eyes, we’ll still be going about having a bit of fun along the way.  🙂  I hope you’re all having a wonderful beginning to this fresh new season, filled with joy and comfort and many blessings over flowing!


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