Yep! It’s all about me~ ;)

I turned 37 on October 11th… last Saturday.

We had a splenderific time!

My hubby had been in Michigan for the entire week before on a business trip…so sad and lonely, I know!

But on Friday, I drove to Seattle to meet him at the airport, and we stayed the night there so that we could spend all day on my birthday just gadding around, doing whatever came to mind! 😀

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m mightily fond of taking baths. Well, let me tell you…the hotel we stayed at had rooms with large jacuzzi tubs!

Oh what bliss!!!!

The picture really does not do this tub justice…it was enormous! I could fit 4 of me in there!

I would show you that, but this isn’t that kind of blog, lol! 😉

I can’t even imagine how many gallons of water went into my bath, but let me tell you…it was worth every drop! Happy birthday to Bethany! 🙂

The next morning, we went to breakfast…

Just look at that mound of calories, lol! But oh, it was SOOOO good! I ate every crumb!

Birthdays are not days to be worrying about calorie consumption or getting in your proper share of the 5 food groups.

Just go with what looks good and tastes even better! 😉

We decided that rather than spend the rest of the day in Seattle, we would go ahead and drive back down to Olympia and cruise around downtown.

This was the first place we went to…

Oh, it was wonderful! All the fibery goodness at my very fingertips…what delight! 😀

My hubby was so good…he walked around with me for a while, then he patiently waited outside until I was done, so as not pressure me by his hovering presence, lol!

I didn’t purchase any yarn this time, but I did pick up 2 wonderful sewing patterns, 2 9″ zippers for a project that I’m working on, and a bamboo #3, 16″ circular for another project I’m working on.

After walking around and exploring a little more, stopping by Starbucks, purchasing a few little gifties for our girls, we hopped in the ‘lil Cruiser and went to the mall.

I had been given a gift certificate for Bath and Body Works from my mom and dad, and I wanted to spend it! I found this scrumdidlyumptious super soft robe, and just knew that it had to be mine. 😉

I love it! It even has a hoodie!

Sometimes I just have to touch it, as it’s fuzzy therapy does wonders.

We then took in a movie: Apaloosa.

It wasn’t that great of a show, but we like all the actors in it, and it was fun just to be out and about, and catching a movie on the big screen together.

We made our way home after that, and our girlies met us with a birthday surprise!

A cake they had made all by themselves…

Gooey German Chocolate! Yummmm! It was beautiful in all it’s fiery inferno glory, lol!

Oh…and what did my hubby do for me (besides treating me to a very wonderful weekend?) …

He’s sending me on a shopping trip to to pick up the next loom for my growing collection! I just haven’t decided which one to pick…hmmmm.

Choices, Choices. Is there anything better than that? 🙂

Hope your weekend was just as perfect!


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5 Responses to Yep! It’s all about me~ ;)

  1. MonikaRose says:

    sounds like you had a marvalous time
    i love birthdays myselft, especially all the suprises
    congrates and have a beautiful and restful rest of the week
    monikarose 🙂

  2. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Wow, what a great Birthday! I love that robe. I have a light pink one just like it. No yarn? Thats OK, at least you get to spend at DAlooms. That sounds like such a great birthday. I would even love that tub too. I want one so bad but this house is way to small to even think of installing one. We shower, never get a bath unless I go to my moms or my sister in laws house. Oh well, thats life. You sound like you had an awesome time. What a fun surprise to get the cake too when you got home. Fun, Fun, Fun. Now, email my DH and tell him I want the same treatment in April next year lol.

  3. Jenny says:

    It looks like it was a wonderful day! That pancake does look delish! And how sweet that your girls made you a cake ❤ I’m glad you had a nice birthday. 🙂

  4. Connie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you! I had one too, but I turned 50! Yikes! Oh to be 37 again!

  5. Tammy says:

    Hey Beth, Happy Birthday! I finally got a chance to visit your site. Brette and I checked out the lil tykies and love the hat that goes with them (soooo cute). I’m glad you had a great b-day! sounds like a blast!

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