Taxi Mama~

I’ve been really quiet this week…

Not because I wanted to keep to myself…

Not because I didn’t have anything to say…

Really, the reason I’ve neglected my poor bloggy, is that I’ve taken up a new career this week…with the emphasis being on CAReer, lol!  As most of you know, my life has taken a dramatic change this fall, and it’s really began in force this week with the first day of college for both my eldest daughter, and me.  🙂  I knew this would be a significant disruption in our normal routine, but I what I didn’t realize was how much actual time I’d be spending sitting behind the wheel of my little PT, acting as Taxi Mama!  Talk about experiencing the gas crunch first hand!!!  😛

My new job as Floral Designer is also in full swing, and I’ve been flinging glitter hither and yon, creating…yep, already!…Christmas arrangements!  I walk around everywhere looking like I’ve just been sprinkled with pixie dust…which really isn’t a bad thing, lol.  I like a little sparkle in my life!  😉  Do you know how hard it is to get glitter off your skin, though?  The only way is to rinse it down the drain, and my schedule doesn’t allow for multiple shower days, lol.  But, on the job front, my previous position of Event Coordinator has not yet been filled…anybody interested???…and this causes me to feel the need to keep up with that job as well, as I really don’t want to see 4 years of careful handling be washed down the drain along with the glitter!  Crazy days!

I’ve have been able to fit a tiny bit of looming in…while waiting for traffic lights to turn, while sitting in the car in between classes, and during the lunch breaks that I  don’t actually have to jump and in the car with my “Taxi Mama” sign on top.  I’m working on a little hat to match the ‘lil Tykies!  I hope it turns out how I invision it.  So far it’s looking good, but if the measurements turn out to be a tad eskew, I’ll have to start again.  Oh, well…such is the life of the loomy adventurer, lol!

I hope your week has gone a tad bit smoother than mine has been, and here’s to wishing that next week is better for all!  😀 

Now, I’m off to do my homework…zoom, zoom, zoom!


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4 Responses to Taxi Mama~

  1. MonikaRose says:

    G’day Bethany
    You sound like a very busy woman these days, congrats on all.
    I must say, I love your PT. What color and how do it look inside and how does PT drive and is PT comfortable. Sorry for all questions, I love PT Cruiser myself and I want one in purple. Just wondering. You are one lucky lady to own one. Anyways all my looming projects are done, just cannot think of what to hook on. Maybe another blanket. Love the way the purple one turned out, pic on my blog. I will let you go and have a great day. 🙂 MonikaRose

  2. sandy says:

    probably the only “joy of motherhood” i have not missed by having no children, the taxi and the college…my dog require neither.

  3. robinlmccoy says:

    Poor ‘Taxi Mama’. Maybe that is why I am not too overly envious of you having a car. 😛 We can’t afford the gas to have two vehicles right now. Though my MIL has told us that when we get MY car fixed (been broken for a year) she will sign her car (which we have been using this whole time) over to us… long as the kids and I come to church EVERY SUNDAY! Small price to pay for a free car, huh? 😀 I would love to be able to take the kids to the park occasionally. Hm, I think I will make Chris take us to the park on Friday. 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    I so sympathize with you 🙂 I am not having to drive to schools 4 times a day like last year but I wind up waiting 40 minutes between when my Kindergartener comes out from school and when the older boys get out. It’s a good time to work on all those projects though so I guess I can’t complain too loudly ;D Have a great day!

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