New on Twisted Stiches!

My Felted Rosette can find this in the Freebies.

My Felted Rosette can find this in the Freebies.

Remember that little tutorial video on how to employ the Decrease Bind Off method?

Well, I’ve just placed a new one for you to enjoy on the Twisted Stitches page, detailing how to create a simple rosette using this same technique!  Feel free to to go investigate. 

This new video goes along with our new Loom Along at the Loom Knitter’s Clique… we’re working together to create this super cute Felted Rosette Handbag that you can find on the Freebies page.  You’re free to join us, if you’d like!  It’s time to start getting busy on that Christmas Looming List, am I right???  😉


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