…a little fix with Sculpey

I’ve been having a terrible time keeping mine and my husband’s  toothbrush tops from getting mixed up and tipping over…it’s best to dry them off of the electric base, so that they don’t produce mildew, but keeping them from rolling all over is another matter.  😛  They just don’t make organizing products for those, have you noticed? 

Well, it came to me as I was pondering the problem, that I could make my own base out of a little Sculpey Polymer Clay!  I just molded a small ball of it around the openings of a pre-made toothbrush holder, using the actual toothbrush top as a guide.  The contrasting colors will help us to not get our tops mixed up.  When I had it shaped to my liking, I just popped the whole thing into the oven to harden.   Voila!  Problem solved!  😀



About gettinitpegged

Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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1 Response to …a little fix with Sculpey

  1. Jenny says:

    Pretty clever. Do you think Sculpey could prevent an almost 2 year old from stealing and chewing on toothbrushes that don’t belong to her? If everyone would just get in the habit of putting their brushes away in the cupboard, I wouldn’t have to chase her down and reclaim the brushes before they are used in unpleasant ways… Have a great day!

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