Blogiversary Prize Winners! :)

Yippee!!!  The winners have been drawn!  It was completely fair and unbiased, I promise… even though I would have given prizes to everyone if I could because each and every one of you deserve it!  This is the preschool teacher part of me coming out… it’s hard to let only 3 win.  😛

But, alas, there are just 3 prizes, so only 3 must be drawn… here’s how I did it:

Each comment was worth one entry.  Each blog participation in the questionnaire was worth two entries.  Each referral was worth one entry.  Each entry was assigned a number.  Three numbers were  drawn by the random numbers generator.  The prizes have been awarded in the order that they were announced. 

Therefore… drum roll please……..

Winner #1 (who’s lucky number was 21) is: Dianne Carroll! 

a Signed copy of the Loom Knitting Pattern Book!

Prize One: a Signed copy of the Loom Knitting Pattern Book!

Winner #2 (who’s lucky number was 61) is:  Robin McCoy!

Nine Skeins of Velvet Spun yarn by Lion Brand!

Prize Two: Nine Skeins of Velvet Spun yarn by Lion Brand!

Winner #3 (who’s lucky number was 52) is:  Terry (Balancedact1)!

Too-cool, gadgety Pom-Pom Makers by Clover!

Prize Three: Too-cool, gadgety Pom-Pom Makers by Clover!

Congratulations ladies!!!  😀  Please send your shipping addresses to: so that I can pop your goodies into the post for you ASAP! 

And again, a BIG Thank You to everyone who came and spent the day with me.  I really had soooo much fun…you guys are the best!  😀


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2 Responses to Blogiversary Prize Winners! :)

  1. JackieA says:

    Congratulation gals! Dianne I know you’ll love the book…because I have a signed copy too (that I bought)…and the yarn looks nice and soft Robin and Terry you’ll have to let us know how those pom pom makers work…I’ve never seen any of those before.

    It was fun…what a good idea Bethany! It makes me think that I should try and plan something fun for next year maybe…of course I need to start keeping my blog more up to date.

    Well…it’s dear hubby’s birthday. So I better get offline and get his dessert pie that his mom sent over. Thanks again Bethany for a fun time…:o)

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    OMG!!!!! I won something!!!! I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!!! 😀 And it was what I had my fingers secretly crossed to win! LOL! Must have been in my cards for sure then! WOOHOO!!!! 😀 Sending you my address right away!

    I just can’t believe I won. LOL!

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