Oh, looky-looky what I got! :)

Check out the Booty!

This wonderful batch of goodies came yesterday from Isela!  I got my knitted goods back from my designs in, and 2 copies of, the Loom Knitting Pattern Book!  🙂  I also ordered the yummy yarn you see there from her destash sale…don’t you just love those colors?  I’m a very big fan of blues and greens…mix them together, and I can’t resist!  I think I’m going to have to order an extra fine gauge sock loom to be able to knit up some “every day wear” socks with that Knit and Tonic yarn.  I’ll need to do it by July 4th, as Decor Accents is having a sale…check it out here

Gus in the Cat Nap CozyOh, and here’s one other (not so) little item that was in the box… I think it’s already been claimed for is fuzzy comfort!

This is the Cat Nap Cozy…

and it is Gus Approved!  🙂


Oh, and a little piece of tantalizing news…I’m having my first year Blogiversary this month!  It was on July 30th of 2007, that I officially created my blog…yippee!!!  I’ve decided to hold a celebratory party on Sunday the 27th of July, and of course there will be prizes!  One of the books you see above is signed by Isela for some lucky party attendee!  …and of course there will be more little goodies to giveaway as well.  Stay tuned for the soon to be released plan for fantabulous fun!  😀



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2 Responses to Oh, looky-looky what I got! :)

  1. Jenny says:

    LUCKY! ;D The Cat Nap Cozy is super cool! Love it! Great job Bethany! And congratulations on your upcoming Blogiversary 🙂

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    My kids just love your Gus and the kitty bed. 😀 Sissy saw the computer screen and reached her hands out and said, “Key, key! Nigh, nigh!” 😀
    So glad that you got your package in.
    OH! You know I want to make your Pooch Parka, right? Well, I wasn’t necessarily gonna use the same yarn….until my dad and future BIL came last weekend! Future BIL brought a bag of yarn my sis had found at Dollar Tree and darned if there wasn’t some of that Paton’s Pooch in there! It is more of an orangey color way, but when I saw the texture I said, “You know, this looks loopy like the stuff on the Pooch Parka.” Then I read the name of the yarn and snatched up the pattern book to realize that it WAS the yarn. 😀 I am going to make both of my dogs the parkas for Christmas. I am working on my list to put on the GIP group…don’t worry! 😀

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