I’m beginning to hear Wedding Bells!

…even in my sleep!  😉 

I’ve been helping my sister with her son’s wedding, to be held next weekend, on July 5th.  As you can imagine, emotions are high, timing is tense, and all brains are wracked to try and remember to plan every detail, so that all goes smoothly, and the event turns out as sweet and memorable as everyone hopes. 

Not only this, but at Michaels, we have been gearing up for our wedding event, which was held yesterday, the 28th.  So I’ve been having wedding thoughts coming from every direction!  This went well, and everyone seemed pleased.  Here are a few pics I’d like to share with you…

the lovely arbour...

Everything’s coming up pink roses!  🙂

The funny thing is, this is the exact color for my nephew’s wedding, and so my sister has purchased this arch that I made, for them to use on their special day…

I was going to decorate their arch at the ball room where the reception is to be held, but now I’ll have the pleasure of having already done it, LOL!  It would only end up being just a fraction of the cost more, and this saves much time and sore fingers.

Pretty, huh?

This is the bridal bouquet I whipped up to go with the arch.

I just love the mix of natural with the fancy pearls and ribbon.  There are little sprigs of tiny pussy willows, and green moss peeking out between the roses, and hydrangeas.  The base is wrapped and tied in a brown satin ribbon.  If I could choose to go back in time and have my wedding all over again, I’d choose this bouquet in a second! 

My friend and our wonderful Wilton Cake Instructor created this sweet something for the event…

doesn’t it look so cute and scrumptious?!

She did an excellent job with all those little flowers, and she said her hubby helped her arrange them all spilling down like that.

I think it reminds me of a summer bonnet!  🙂



And last but not at all…even close…to least, is a picture of something special that arrived for me in the mail last week.  One of our lovely online looming ladies sent this package as a thank you for helping her learn to create Bethany’s Booties, and with other little odds and ends as we’ve become online friends…

Thank you so much, Linda!

It’s been a pleasure to get to know you, and to loom with you!


I know we’ll have lots of fun in the future with our

Christmas Countdown at the Clique!

Happy looming, and I hope everyone has a wonderful, and SAFE holiday week ahead.



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1 Response to I’m beginning to hear Wedding Bells!

  1. Connie says:

    Beautiful photo’s and that cake is gorgeous and looks yummy! My hubby is store manager of a Michaels here…small world…LOL

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