Snail Sightings: week 2

Another Snail Sighting!Well, this week could have definitely been better on the fitness front. I’m suffering from either severe allergies, a bad cold, or a really bad case of hangnails!

I know…you’re saying “WHaT?!!”

Don’t worry…that’s just the medication fogging my already soggy brain and making me say really non-cohereant things.

Okay…what did I actually get done this week from my list of goals?

  • On Tuesday I quick walked around our super Walmart 2 full trips around the perimeter, while crazily grabbing things I needed as I raced by. This is more difficult than it sounds, as your cart gets heavier to push as you go, and definitely harder to maneuver around all the loitering little kids and indecisive customers that love to crowd the aisles. And if you’re saying this doesn’t count as a real work out…just take a gander at how BIG those super Walmarts actually are! They’re huge! I think twice around the edges is pretty close to 3 trips around the track.
  • On Thursday it was raining, so I did some isometric excercises for 20 minutes while my hubby lifted weights. (He’s been doing fairly well this week…he’s made it to the track, and fit in a few inside workouts, too.)
  • I think we’ve made the goal of eating before six o’clock, but not always “dinner on the table by 5:30pm” (by me, lol!)…too much coughing and sneazing.
  • And on a loomy note: I have almost completed that pattern…I should have had it done already, but I just couldn’t think this weekend. I do have a class that is knitting a preliminary version, and will be letting me know on Tuesday if there is anything I need to edit. They’re a great bunch of gals who are game for trying out anything new, even if it’s not completely perfected yet. Thanks so much, Ladies! You’re awesome!!! 😀

Well, I hope to be feeling better soon, and will be able to get my snail shoes on more often this coming week. I’ll just keep the same goals that I had for this week, as I probably need to actually meet them before making new ones, lol! 😉 Have a wonderful upcoming week…I hope you get a chance to run some yarn through your fingers and around your looms!


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