Braided Cables Bag…2!

Okay…here it is! The official optional version of my little baggy. I’m just about done with the pattern, and will let you know as soon as it is posted to Peggin’ Pages, so you can start creating your braided cables bag! 🙂


I’m not quite finished with the bag…it still needs some little embellishment on the closure strap.

Do you have any suggestions?

I have an idea, but I wanted to hear what you all had to say…

I just love the lining fabric!

It’s so fresh and fun. 😀


Enjoy your day!




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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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5 Responses to Braided Cables Bag…2!

  1. Jenny says:

    Cuteness! Are you making one for me? ;D Personally, I like the toggle closures. Especially the wood ones. Or a large button. There are some FUN buttons out there.

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    As usual…catching up on a few posts all at once. 😛
    I love the material you used for the inside of your bag! So cute. But I can’t think of a single thing to do with the closure. Maybe…oh, yeah…Jenny mentioned it. I was gonna say a toggle type clasp or something similar (haha!) And I love Eli Fudgebutton (was that the sculpture’s name? I can’t remember!) She did such a good job on it! I would be so immensely proud and would have the pics posted in at least three different places on the net. 😀 Anke van Doorne has a doll gallery (follow one of her links when she leaves a message to the group) and I think your daughter could create cute little dolls like those. Jenny and I loved the sea creature with the sock puppet on his tail the best. 😀
    Good for you and your family on the excercising! I started the FlyLady thing and since I caught the last day or so of the month and the month of May’s habit was ‘Moving in May’ I decided just jump in and do it in June as well (this month’s habit is drinking water, so they really go hand in hand) so I walk every morning for 15 minutes, except for Wednesday I did the 6 minute No Excuses Excercise that they promoted throughout May. I was supposed to do 15 push-ups, 15 crunches, 15 of these things where you lay on your tummy and simultaneously lift your chest, arms and legs in the air, and then 15 lunges. I was gung-ho, siked, excited! Let’s get started, YEAH! But, even though I was doing them girly style, I only got 9 push-ups done. And they weren’t even right b/c I couldn’t keep my darn body straight like a board! UGH! I got disgusting and did the rest of my excercises, then sat down to loom and my freakin’ arms were shaking! What a wuss. But then I scolded myself for putting myself down. I was supposed to look at it positively so I told myself, “WOW! You did 9 more push-ups than you did the day before, Robin! AWESOME JOB! I am so proud of you!” LOL! But my arms are still killing me and that was 2 days ago! LOL! My stomach hurts too, but that is from the crunches and the fact that I contract my stomach while walking so that I am working those muscles. 😀 I know the burning ache will eventually go away, so I try not to whine. I try to tell myself it is like a badge of honor b/c I was ‘Blessing my Heart’ by excercising! Woohoo!
    Ok, I need to go get some water. 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    This purse totally rocks! I can’t wait to purchase! I know what you could do for a closure, have your very talented daughter design one out of polymer clay that we could all replicate! I totally know about the crazy, just got to create, mad rush to get it done, feeling, I get those all the time 😀 Tell her she’s awesome for me!

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  5. Pam Keville says:

    Hey… excellent job on your purse!! I was wondering when you were going to teach it in the Loom Knitter’s Classroom :o) hint hint :o)
    Just love it!!

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