Snail Sightings~

Another Snail Sighting!Well, it’s official! The “Snail Sightings” have begun!

I created this little snail pic to be my official Icon of my tiny little workout log ins. This is going to be completely opposite of Isela’s workout posts…You could probably consider it a “spoof” of them, as I know I probably look absolutely ridiculous, and am just like the little snail to the left, with the rosy red cheeks and sweat flying…it’s an uphill effort! I have a few health conditions that make just moving an ordeal, but it’s time to take my (and my family’s) health in hand, and just do it! So, this is what we’ve accomplished this week so far…

  • Sunday: Bike ride with Megan
  • Monday: Hubby walks, and I bike ride next to him to the HS track…we quick walk 2 laps, he jogs one more. Megan goes swimming.
  • Tuesday: All four of us do the routine at the HS track.
  • Wednesday: Emily and I are at the college to take her entrance exam for Running Start (which she ACED, by the way!!!), so we miss out on workout, but hubby and Megan quick walk 2 laps, and 3 grandstands in between (this is running up and down each stairway of the big grandstands), and a final jogged lap.
  • Thursday: All four of us do the routine at the HS track…I walked there and back as well as quick walked 2 laps…Hubby and Megan repeated Wednesday’s routine.

Also, we’ve been working extra hard to get our daily routine such that we are able to eat dinnner before 6 o’clock pm. It’s a struggle with our busy schedules, but we’ve made it with only an occasional delay. Then no more food until morning. This is where yummy teas and decaf coffee act as life savers, lol!

My goals for next week:

  1. Increase workout to: quick walk to and from HS track, and 4 laps.
  2. Dinner every nite on the table by 5:30pm!
  3. **Non-snail related: finish and post pattern for Braided Cables Bag!!!

Thanks for being so wonderfully supportive. My goals for you: have an excellent weekend full of lots of adventures and try being silly at least once by Monday…it keeps you young and smiling! 😉


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2 Responses to Snail Sightings~

  1. Jenny says:

    The snail is very cute 🙂 I wish hubby was here more often so I could drag him out on a walk with me. Have a great day!

  2. sandy says:

    you need to put skates on that snail cuse you are moving way faster than i and most people i know! yeah snail! (ps…it makes me tired reading it!)

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