Weekend full of family, looming, and fun!

How was your weekend? 

My family and I spent a fairly enjoyable one, with lots of activities packed in…here are a few highlights:

  • My hubby and I went on a date Friday night to see Indiana Jones!  Dates are always fun, and this one was no exception.  What can be better than reliving old times with Harrison Ford decked in his “Indy Gear”?  We decided to see the movie at our old historical theater downtown, rather than trek up the 25 miles to Olympia and save a little gas cash.  To me, this just added to the fun of the evening…it was just perfect, and the movie definitely did not disappoint!
  • My youngest daughter and I went for a bike ride on Sunday…very fun mom/daughter time…
  • My hubby and I went out and picked up a new TV console to set his new b-day gifty on…and a new DVD player for the old TV that now has a new home upstairs…and of course a universal remote, and some DVD organizers…  Why is it that big initial purchases always seem to keep helping you spend $$$?
  • While hubby built the said TV console, I took my youngest daughter (my darling daughter #1 was actually under the weather all weekend  😦  )  to the opening day at the city outdoor swimming pool.  As a kid I always looked forward to Memorial Day weekend, as it was the traditional opening of the pool that I tended to spend most of my free time and spare change at.  I enjoy passing this no small joy onto my own kidletts.  🙂 
  • I actually got time while dd was swimming to work on my aphgan square #4, from Loom Class Yahoo Group.  This one was designed by Jenny Stark, and has all kinds of cute little bobbles running through it.  I think I’m going to have to revisit my first bobbles, as they all ended up wrong side out!  This is my first time creating them, and I want to get this great technique down pat.
  • I got to work on my new version of my Braided Cables Bag!  This one is coming along nicely, and has some really cute design features.  I have the front and back panel completed, blocked, and am ready for the sides and handles!  Loomy progress feels soooo goooood!  🙂

We also decided as a family to be more healthy, and work to be fit.  We spent all weekend being active, and have continued even thru today!  We live just a little ways from the high school track, and we’ve been going there and walking/jogging around…just a little at first, so that our poor sagging muscles can get used to the idea, then we’ll build up to more.  I’ll be starting to post a little at a time about my successes (or at least progress!) in this area, as I think it will be good to keep a journal record, and maybe it will help to keep me on track and motivated.  You can all be my support group, lol!  🙂

Have a great Wednesday!



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