Lots and Lots of Loom Alongs!

Well…I think I’m a VERY big glutton for punishment…as well as most of the other online loomers out there, lol!  We just can’t get over the fun we have getting together and loom knitting something as a group.  It’s so enjoyable meeting new friends who have the same loom love as you and talking about great projects, yarn, and daily happenings. 

Here’s a little run down of what’s going on out there, so you too can join in on the fun!…if you haven’t already.  😉

Click here to join GettinItPegged

At the Loom knitter’s Clique…we’re having a little impromptu Loom Along using Denise Layman’s Pinwheel Blanket Pattern!  All you need to join is to click on the button, join, enroll on the database, purchase your pattern here, gather your yarn…and get set to knit Sunday (yes, this is tomorrow…did I say impromptu?) 

 Here are my yarn choices for the blanket…


I love blues and browns together.




And over at the Loom Class Group…Jenny and Robin are teaching blocks #2 and 3 beginning tomorrow and lasting until April 26! 

I’ve completed my block #1 and these are the colors I’ve decided on for my afghan…I just LOVE them, don’t you?


Well, since I’m moving, begin instructing a new group of college classes, and celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday…I figured this is all I could possibly get away with signing my name to…

but there is still one more loom along that I know about, that you might enjoy joining, and it’s going on right now!

GettinItPeggedOver at Ravelry, in the Loom Along group, Isela is teaching her adorable bag pattern…the Felted Baguette!  If you haven’t enrolled in Ravelry yet,  GO NOW AND DO SO!!!  I can’t stress enough how fabulous this online fiber community is!  There’s a little waiting list, but they push you through pretty quickly, so you’ll be rollin’ with the yarnies in no time, lol! 

Well, I hope you can join us for one or the other…or several…projects…it’ll be a blast!  😀


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