Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello, All!  😀

Just thought I’d pop in and say “Hi!”  I’m typing on a strange computer in a hotel lobby right now, waiting for my daugter to finish with her WASL testing…a Mandatory Washington state achievement test.  We’ve travelled to Olympia, WA to do this, and will be doing the same for the rest of the week.  This is about a half hour drive one way, so it takes up the entire first half of the day…then the rest of the day will be off to work for me, then back home…packing!

Yesterday was the same morning schedule, except it was my daughter’s 16th birthday…I wanted to be able to have a memorable party for her in the midst of all the chaos of our house situation right now, so we decided to have a family party at our new house.  We only got the keys yesterday, so the house was empty!  So to remedy this, we rented a U-haul (just my daughter and I) and after our trip and Olympia all morning, and after party goods/food shopping, we packed up our couches, kitchen table and chairs, coffee table, and all available boxes we could shove in that truck to make the trip worthwhile, and drove to the new house to unload and set up for the party…all before 6 o’clock!  YIKES!  😛  By this time, my younger daughter was home from school, and gave us some much needed help.

Well, I can tell you, WE MADE IT!   🙂  Everything went off without a hitch, and people enjoyed looking around our new (mostly empty) digs, and Emily said it was the most fun she had had in a long while.  🙂  I’ll post pics later, as I don’t think my camera would appreciate being plugged into a strange computer, lol!  😉  Have a wonderful day!


PS…I did manage to get another wedge and a half done on my Pinwheel Blanket yesterday while waiting for Emily’s testing to be done.  🙂   The loom along is still going on, if anyone wants to take part.

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2 Responses to Busy, Busy, Busy!

  1. purlsofhope says:

    Hey well that is what I am going to be doing for the next week and a half! First I have to take my daughter to her testing, then my son! woo hoo! Can’t wait till next year when I have 3 testing!
    What fun!
    Will have to take knitting!
    At least hubby is home this year and can watch the little ones!
    Would be no fun at all to drag them all along!

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    As usual, I am catching up on more than one post at a time. First, that huge pink bunny! As much as I like pink bunnies, I don’t think I will be making anything like that EVER in my life. Geez! Just thinking about trying to add a huge pink bunny to my busy schedule…it give me mild panic attacks. 😀 No, really, I feel the panic attack/butterfly feeling deep in the pit of my stomach.
    Second, I am glad that you got the block finished from #1 class and it is pretty in that color. The yarn looks nice, too. Wish my Hobby Lobby carried some. 😦 But I like your color choices for it as well as the colors for your pinwheel blanket. I am more of a pink and chocolate brown gal, but the blues and browns go almost as well together. 😀
    And I am glad that your daughter liked her 16th birthday party. I think I had 3 people show up to mine. But I don’t care. It was just like any other birthday (no extravagant gifts and very few friends that take the time to show up. 😛 Phooey on them!)
    Oh, and you were right on which LKC issue. Geez, them things are long! I didn’t expect so many pages when I purchased it. 😀 Now I will need to sit in the beading aisle(s) for about 3 days and see if I can figure something out in the way of stitch markers that can be removed while leaving the loops on the pegs.

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