Last day for the Class!

Today is the last day for the online class on how to create the little baby booties.Last day of class!

I’ve had a lot of fun…this group has been so wonderful to spend a week with!  🙂  And everyone has created (& are creating) absolutely adorable booties!  I’d like to be able to post some on the Clique Pics soon…

Now…I’m off packing!  Yep, it’s time again to move my little family…our house is just way too dinky.  Our last move was not planned, as the house we were renting ended up being sold, so we had to hurry and scramble around to find someplace to park, if only for a temporary solution…and one that would except pets (our cat & bunny) was even harder to find.  So this temporary solution has lasted for a year and a half, lol…and we’ve finally found a suitable replacement, again that would accept pets.  Now my husband doesn’t have to worry about being chased out of our only bathroom by us 3 girls, lol!!!

So…off I go…busy, busy, busy!  I will keep my eye on the computer, though, as I know that there still may be postings in the bootie class today.  Thanks again for an awesome online experience!  It was a lot of fun…we’ll have to do it again soon…maybe this little item?…


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2 Responses to Last day for the Class!

  1. Jolene Torgler says:

    Hi there!
    I just found your website, and am a subscriber, since I love it so much. Unfortunately, I missed out on Bethany’s booties class. Do you have a pattern for these adorable cuties, and also maybe a tutorial? I was also wondering if you will be doing any “manly” slippers, or booties for the older gents in our lives.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful place to visit and learn all about loom knitting!
    Mrs. Jolene Torgler
    (I am also on Facebook)

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    Hi, Jolene! So glad you found my little corner of the web…and that you like the booties. 🙂 I do have the pattern available, as well as many others, on the Peggin’ Pages section of the blog. You’ll find additional projects available in the freebies section as well. 😉 If you take a look at the Twisted Stitches page, you’ll find some tutorials that are centered around the booties (just scroll down ’till you spot them).

    As for a more “manly” type of slipper, I haven’t designed one of those as of yet, but I did use a wonderful pattern by Anne Bipes to make some felted slippers for my hubby and daughters last Christmas…they love them and wear them all the time. 🙂 Here’s the link for those:

    Hope you enjoy…Thanks so much for commenting!!!

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