A talent for tiny crochet~

emily-creating.jpgMy eldest daughter has an ability that I don’t have…or choose not to employ, lol!  She uses eensy weensy crochet hooks, embroidery thread, and her own imagination…and creates magic.  She can just think of something and create it right out of heran artist at work… head.  Like modelling with clay, but with thread.   🙂 

For my younger daugher’s birthday this year, she decided (promised) to make a little doll, along the same lines of a doll that she had already created for herself a few years back.  A little monkey out of braided hemp, with magnetic hands and feet, and little crocheted 18th century clothes.  He’s quite a little gentleman, and has even appeared in his own major motion picture!  (a science project for school that Emily created…a stop motion animation starring her very own…Cedric!)

For her sister, she decided to create a cat…almost an Anime creation.  This is what she came up with…

Emily’s Kitty…don’t you just love that tail?!)…with the monkey who started it all…Cedric!

Click on the pics to see a tad bigger…these little guys are awesome!  And that’s not just because I’m a proud mama…  🙂   Even Noreen Crone Findlay would approve, I’m sure!


PS: Sometime soon I’m going to see if I can show you Cedric’s movie…it’s very well done, and quite entertaining!

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4 Responses to A talent for tiny crochet~

  1. Karen says:

    Wow! Amazing! Your daughter is very talented indeed. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit since her mama is pretty darn crafty herself 😀 Have a great day!

  2. guppylovesshark says:

    That is super cool! So when do we find her on Ravelry? ;D

  3. Robin McCoy says:

    Oh, wow. I feel like such a novice, now. 😀 I mean, Jenny is a gazillion times better than me, but I tell myself that is OK b/c she has been doing it for 10 years and she is older than me, anyway. Your daughter is about 10 years younger than I and crankin’ out some awesome stuff! She deserves a trip to Chuck E Cheese’s. (Haha! Our town just got one this past week and I have never been…it is where I want Chris to take me for my b-day on May 2nd. :P)

  4. Oh! I do indeed approve! Her wee Manga Cat is just wonderful!
    There is just something so magical about creating tiny things!
    :o) Awesome!
    Noreen over at hankeringforyarn.com

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