How I got my dream car~

my new precious! :)Well, the story on the lovely little PT Cruiser is a sweet one…We have needed to replace my husband’s truck, which isn’t even on it’s last leg…it’s crawling, gasping down the road, with frequent need to stop and rest, lol!  So, we’ve been on the lookout for a suitable replacement for him to invest in. 

Well, I got this call while working on Saturday, that he found the car he absolutely wanted to buy.  I told him how cool that was, and made sure that he checked all the important info, when he told me that it was a car for me!  Well, I’ve always wanted to own a PT ever since they came off the ramps…my youngest daughter even started playing “Mom’s Dream Car!!” instead of “Slugbug”.  But, I didn’t want him to purchase something for me, when he was looking for something for him!  So, with much fuss, he finally convinced me that he would be happy driving the car that had been mine, (which is a lovely Mazda 626 in Brilliant Burgandy, which looks more like sparkly, deep plum) so that I could drive my dream car.  In fact, he wouldn’t take no for an answer!  What a great guy I have!  🙂

I’ve been cruisin’ in my Cruiser all week now, as I have had to transport my eldest daughter to her WASL testing in Olympia for school.  Olympia is about a 30 mile drive one way, so I really got to get to know my new car…I LOVE IT!  It’s so fun to drive…it’s like a big little car, if you know what I mean.  It kind of feels like driving a little go-cart around…so fun!! 

Thanks so much, my love!  You’re absolutely wonderful!  😀


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3 Responses to How I got my dream car~

  1. Jenny says:

    Aw, that’s sweet. Looks like you’ve got a ‘keeper’ 🙂 I think he deserves an extra squeeze.

  2. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    I drove one of those as a rental car two years ago while on vacation at my moms in Michigan. It drives very nice. I was able to adjust to it immediately. I like the way the back works for a trunk. We put suitcases in there from 4 of us and whenever we went visiting we all fit in it. That made 5 of us, but my boys are skinny (tee hee). I liked the way it handled in snow to, especially since we don’t get snow here in Texas–like the 8 inches last Thursday!! Today was 82 degrees out.To crazy. Have fun and enjoy your new wheels. Sounds like that husband is very kind.

  3. Karen says:

    I just got a new vehicle too, a 2008 Crysler Town and Country (no cars for this family – hee, hee). Congrates on the new set of wheels! Great hubby you have there!

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