He loves me…he loves me not…

oh, I think there’s no doubt


…he really loves me!

my new precious! :)

Bethany~  😀

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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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1 Response to He loves me…he loves me not…

  1. Robin McCoy says:

    WOW, Bethany….I have really neglected your site lately. I just read all the posts on the front page (don’t know what else that I missed). I have so many things to sum up…LOVE the car and so happy that you have a new one. 😀 I really REALLY love your beaded jewelry in the LKC. Don’t know that I am really brave enough to try it, but it is beautiful. 😀 MY PICTURE is one of your blog entries! LOL! That tickles me. 😀 Really sorry about the Michael’s Class stuff. I don’t have one near me, just Hobby Lobby which I have considered asking if I could teach some loom classes for them, but I felt sad when I heard that Michaels was cutting out their classes. HL just offers home schooling art classes, some kind of wood work class and Wilton’s. I figure there have got to be some people around here that would love to take loom classes. 😦
    LOVE your neck warmer thingy. I really need to get a sewing machine so that I can make some stuff like that. Last year at this time I took two old pairs of jeans and made them into a full length skirt….stitching by hand! I won’t be stitching anything anytime soon after that ‘adventure’. I broke a plastic thimble and had to wait until I found a freakin’ metal one before I could continue. But all in all it took me about 2 or 3 days to seam up after I cut the pieces and ripped stitches and everything. My long legs take long strides though, so if I ever do another one, there will be a slit in the back. 😀

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