Projects~finished and not so finished:

I can proudly say…I finished my Plushy House Socks!  I actually finished them last week, but forgot to post a picture.  So I thought I should share an “all done” project…these were knitted with Isela’s Knit-along group on Ravelry.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to see what that’s all about, definitely put your name on the list to get in right now!  Her February project has something to do with cables and mittens…two of my favorite things.  🙂

All done!                                                                                                      I truly love these socks!  I used a very plushy, pretty yarn by Skacel, and they turned out all I had hoped for.



On my looms right now:  I am creating a handbag incorporating cables…I’m venturing out on my own in this area to see if I have mastered the techniques, or if I need to go back to school. 😉  If it comes out like I’ve planned, it’ll be fabulous!  (let’s hope!)

The other things I have on my looms (& off) are two scarves…mentioned them before…they’re no farther along…I know what you’re saying…I’ve been busy, what else can I say! 🙂

Well, off I go to work on that handbag, so that <maybe> I can get to those 2 scarves before I go off on another tangent!  😉


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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