UFOs spotted and conquered…um, I mean befriended…

I hope you’re all having a fine weekend!  Mine has been spent fighting a cold…I’m to the point where I think I need to make a trip to the dreaded doctor’s office tomorrow.  Yuck!  😕

 But…being forced to spend a little down time, has given me the opportunity to plan about 16 new projects for the looms!  And let me tell you…they are going to be cool!  🙂   I so love it when a good plan comes together, as I hope these will. 

Emily Mitts~I also now have three projects going on my looms…as if one isn’t enough!  😉   I have a lovely scarf in a tealish color that I’ve been working on since the fall…it’s a new stitch pattern that I hope to share with you soon.  The next is a project from Isela’s cables book, the classic cables scarf, that I am knitting to go with the mitts (also from the same…) made for my daughter for Christmas. 

And the project I decided yesterday just couldn’t wait for me to finish the others, is a project of my own…a lovely handbag that incorporates my new found knowledge of cables…I am going to get them mastered completely!!!!  Hence the new project, to see if I can recreate them in something of my own design.  Well, I started over about 3 times, before I finally figured out what I really wanted it to look like and what size.  Oh well…we learn by trial and error, right?  😉

Well, that’s about all for today…I will keep you posted on my progress of the new projects as I go!   Enjoy your day! 


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