Pretties for My Pegs~

I’ve been working on a new Close up of Loomy Dangles~project and needed to have stitch markers for the design I’m knitting…I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment…it’s going to need a severe blocking to get it to show properly!  🙂 Loomy Dangles!




But if I was going to have to use markers, I needed to have something glitzy…so I made little loomy dangles.  At first, it took some getting use to…I kept having my hook get wrapped up in them, but now it’s no problem at all, and I really love the personal touch.  It says this Bethany’s loom…these are the things she likes: loom knitting and sparkly pretties!  (sorry about the blurry pics…I’m working on getting a new camera that takes much better close ups.)

  1. If you want stitch markers of your own…they’re very simple to create.  The components are latch style earring hooks (that way you can remove them easier if you need to), eye pins (the ones with a loop on one end), charms and a few pretty beads.

  2. You place the beads on the eye pins, in the order you’d like them to hang.

  3. Bend the wire in a 90 degree angle over the top bead, and trim wire to approx. 3/8″.

  4. Using round nose pliers, curl the wire, beginning at the very tip, toward the base of the head pin and top bead until you have a nicely formed loop, about the same size as the loop on the bottom.

  5. Attach your charm on the bottom, and the earring hook at the top.  Remember when opening the loops to attach other items, to always twist them open, rather than pulling, so the wire is not weakened.

Wah Lah!!!!!!!!!  Your very own Pretties for your Pegs!  Choose charms that tell a story about you!  This makes the idea more meaningful and worth while.


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