Kids say the darndest things!

Since it’s Monday… and we all know the rap Mondays have…I thought you’d like to read something humorous.  🙂

When my eldest daughter was only 4 years old, her and I were sitting on the couch together.  I noticed she began, as children have no compunction about doing anywhere…anytime,  to really dig in one of her orifices…this time it was her ear. 😉

I asked her what she was doing.  To which she replied…

“I have a whack in my ear!”

“Don’t you mean you have ear wax?”

“No…I think there’s only ONE!”  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kids are wonderful tension relievers!  Enjoy your day.

(New Note Added November 3rd…upon reading this humorous dialog detailed above…my youngest daughter (now 11&3/4 yrs) laughed out loud and said, “Ha, Ha,…Children are wonderful TELEVISION RECEIVERS!! Ha, Ha!” To which we all had lots of laughs!  😀  This just proves the original point.  You gotta luv ’em!)


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