Caught like a rat in a trap…

Well…a spider, actually.

Yes, we finally caught one fairly large specimen in one of our many traps.  They don’t seem to be working as advertised…I think “pre-baited” doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually used Hobo spider pharemones as bait…maybe, beetle, or termite, or maybe moth pharemones.  This is a small accounting of what we have caught in our traps so far.  Yet, we did catch one in our kitchen trap…and only because it thought it was ducking under cover when my husband walked in and startled it!

So…off to the health department entomology division to get it positively identified.  Apparently, there are “look-alikes” that are really hard to tell from the real ones.  I’d be real happy if it turned out to be one of those guys!

Keep you posted!  Hope your week starts out great!     Bethany~

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