Wooly Felted Pumpkins!

Introducing the “orange” project I had been working on…

 Perfect for Fall!

Wooly Felted Pumpkins!  I am so in love with fall & pumpkins!  This is the one season every year when the retailers rush into getting out there for sale early, that I don’t complain about one bit.  I love seeing all the rich colors and feeling the crisp air, and leaves crunching under my feet.

On a loomy note: this pumpkin is felted with wool and acrylic to give it that slubby, bumpy look.  Also…my first attempt involved stuffing the pumpkin before felting just to see what would happen.  It worked, but tended to have too much space between the rows, so you could see the stuffing underneath.  The second one was stuffed after and came out to my mind much better!  Too much space!


   What do you think?





             *ps…    Pattern coming soon!







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2 Responses to Wooly Felted Pumpkins!

  1. Martha says:

    Love it…. wish I could get more wool locally.

    Great job.

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    I do too…I’m from a fairly small town…not much available. But, in the pattern above I used Lion Brand’s Felting Wool, which is available in most craft stores. The difficulty is in helping them understand not to keep changing the colors if we have a project we really like in a certain one! I had to travel to the Olympia to get this orange, as we had changed color sets in our LCS. Oh well. Such are the trials of us fiber freaks! 😉

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