Double Knit in the Round?? (**and FREE GIVEAWAY!)

Absolutely! 😀

The newest addition to the KB Looms family is the Rotating Double Knit Loom and you can most certainly double knit in the round…the first one on the market with that capability that I am aware of!

The other really neat thing about this loom is that it has this attached stand that actually ROTATES as you work!  Sweet, right?  You can also create single knitting while using this rotating base by simply removing the inner loom and the pedestals that hold it and creating whatever you wish on the outer loom only.  That is adaptability that is truly intriguing for any loom knitter, for sure!

I’m going to let you head on over to the introductory post about this loom for all the knitty gritty details.

What I’m going to do for you here is share about how I felt about the loom and what I found I could do with the loom…things that you may find important to hear about from one loomer to another…



I know a couple things you may be thinking:

1) The framework looks like it might limit the length of the item that I wish to make…

I had this thought at first, too. The thing is that when you are creating something in double knit, especially in the round, and you reach the bottom of the framework, you can easily fold the bottom of the work up so that you can continue to knit a long piece.  You can even accordion fold or roll it so that more length can be created.  The other thing you can do is simply pull the knitting down through one of the openings between the pedestals to make more room.  I know that this seems common sense for working a panel of knitting, but it works to a good degree even while working in the round.

2) The base seems like it would be awkward to work in my lap, the usual way I like to knit…

This was one of my main concerns when I first heard the concept of this loom. It wasn’t until I opened the box, assembled it, and had it in my lap that I realized that the loom still sat comfortably on my lap and that the knitting rested at the height of where I actually prefer to work my stitches!  Let’s face it…we loomers have to find that perfect spot for resting our looms while working, right?  Whether we are propping it on pillows or blankets, or are using our own ta-ta’s to do this job, haha!, we are finding some way to get that knitting to the spot that is comfortable; both for seeing what we are doing clearly and for still being able to reach those pegs comfortably. 😉 I found that the stand did all this work for me, and actually made it easier to knit something in the heat of summer, because I wasn’t trying to find something else to put on my lap in between the loom and me!  (**Of course, if you prefer to loom knit on a table, this set up is completely conducive to that as well.) 

The fact that the base rotates is, of course, a big added benefit. I can’t believe how much I really love this feature! ❤ I found it made loom knitting just that much more pleasant.  There was no fiddling to readjust the loom and project, even when working as a panel and moving the loom back and forth to work each row.  When working in the round it’s just that much better to not have to worry about the yarn getting twisted or tangled around the knitting…it all just proceeded to the finish line very smoothly. Now I want a rotating base & stand on all my looms, haha! (KB, are you listening? 😉 )

3) The info states: “Knit in the round, or knit flat panels. Use some of the pegs, or all 52 of them, depending on width of knit desired.” Does this include all the pegs on both looms for single knitting?

The way this loom works, is that the 2 looms are supported each on their own pedestals. Assemble both looms on their pedestals for use in double knitting up to 52 peg pairs.

When using this loom for single knitting, the inner loom and its pedestals are removed so that you can have free access to let your knitting hang through the interior of the loom, as well as out the sides of the outer pedestals while working on the outer loom only. This outer loom has 52 pegs.  Because the 2 looms are not connected, there would be no benefit to leaving the inner one in place (if you were thinking that a larger project could be made by using both loom’s pegs).  Also, the inner loom’s pegs face toward the inside of the loom rather than the outside, so although you can technically loom from it as a stand alone loom, it might be a tad awkward with the pegs placed in that direction. 😉

What I found you could accomplish with this loom:

While working double knit, you can create a panel of 21″ in the round (or as a panel) using all 52 peg pairs.  I was using a looser stitch (ribbing) that had a lot of stretch to the stitches so it would easily fit all head sizes (junior-adult) with excellent comfort.

When using a tighter double knit stitch (basic stockinette) I found that I knit a panel of 15″ when using all 52 peg pairs. I’m a tighter knitter, so I imagine that other people with a tendency towards a looser tension would achieve a sample a bit larger in width.

When single knitting, this loom (the outer one is meant for use in single knitting) is 1/2″ spacing from center of peg to center of peg, so it is comparable to working with the 32 Peg Basic Loom.  I worked a sample using U-stitch that came out to be about 10″ using all 52 pegs.  which is about 5.5 stitches per inch.

Once again, this newest loom from Authentic Knitting Board (see my previous review post here) earns a 5 SHEEP rating from me! 😀  Well done, KB!


The Giveaway:

To be entered into this drawing for a FREE Rotating Double Knit Loom, simply comment on this post below!  Ask a question, post your excitement…a comment from you will count as an entry. 🙂  ( A limit of one entry per person will be counted; drawing will be done by a random number generator on Thursday, August 31, 2017, at 3pm PST, so get your comments in before then!)

Coming up next…

Stay tuned for a brand new pattern I will be releasing soon using this new loom! It incorporates both single and double knitting to best experience the wonderful features of the Double Knit Loom. I think you’ll like it!


(*all photos in this post are courtesy of Authentic Knitting Board)


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Introducing the Cutest ‘lil Couple on the Planet…

I’m talking about the His & Hers Sock Looms by KB Looms!

Aren’t they sweet??  Perfect for the whipping up of all sorts of socks for him and her…you can even make them say *his and hers* across their cuffs with either duplicate stitches or intarsia techniques, just like those cute little towel sets for newlyweds. 😉

In all seriousness, though, I’ve had the opportunity to take this fun duo out for a spin and found them to be committed to making the marriage of yarn and loom a happy and productive one.  The plastic is pretty sturdy and feels good in the hand.  It also has a little bit of a micro-texture to it, so that it isn’t super slippery when maneuvering.  The pegs themselves are slim, with just a wee bit of flex, which I like in a loom.  I would avoid, however, pulling too tightly to knit off, or to move stitches around, because I’m not sure how far these will flex before they snap. If sticking to what these looms were made for: namely DK to sock weight yarns, you shouldn’t have any issue with that, I’m thinking.

Let’s talk about that oval shape. This is a nice compromise between other looms that are round or rectangular, and lends itself to easily be able to slip inside a small project bag for knitting socks on the go. The other thing this oval shape is excellent for is for working socks from the toe up, because the sides are closer together, allowing the toe stitches to be stretched across the loom with greater ease (can we say good bye to grafting??! haha!)  It’s also very simple to know where the halfway point of the loom is to mark the correct pegs for short-row heels and toes.

Now let’s talk about yarns.  When I first started to spend some time with this lil’ loom couple, I worked up several swatches using different weight yarns to find the perfect companion for those pegs. When I used a very soft chunky weight (soft in that it would squish down just a bit better than a chunky weight that is more firmly wound) just to see how it felt, I found that although, yes, it could be done on this loom, it wouldn’t be a very fun process. I was working extra hard to make sure my stitches weren’t too tight, and that extra work equaled extra time spent and more effort put on my hands and wrists, which I didn’t at all love. 😛  …and really, when I tried worsted weight, it was kind of the same story.  I moved to a sport weight, and it worked much better, but the perfect one was by far the sock weight. These looms love a nice thin yarn! It may seem like the pegs are just too far apart to be able to handle this thin of a yarn, but using the U-stitch for my knits, it came out beautifully!  Well…see the results for yourself:

Pretty sweet, right? 😀

I am so pleased to tell you that you will find the actual pattern that I came up with to create the sample you see in these pics at the KB Looms website:  Keepin’ it Simple Socks. The yarn that I used is MadeleineTosh Tosh Merino Light and I loooove it…so scrumptious! ❤  If you decide to whip up one (or a dozen or so) of these socks, be sure and link it to the Ravelry project page for it here.  Thanks a billion!

Here are the down and dirty details:

  • What is included in the kit: 2 looms, loom tool, basic instructions
  • Peg Counts: orange=56, purple=64 (suitable for average width men & women’s feet)  (Also perfect for doing double ribbed cuffs! (k2, p2))
  • Gauge: 5/16″ from center to center of pegs (comparable to the KB Sock Loom Original)
  • Best yarn:  DK (#3) – fingering/sock (#1) weight

My rating:  FIVE SHEEP!!!


If you thought this was good…wait until this weekend when there will be yet ANOTHER loomy release into the world (*see last week’s release here)!  I’ve seen it, used it, and yes, it’s pretty awesome! Three new product releases in as many weeks?  This should be called Christmas in August for loomers, lol!


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Christmas in July with Shelby~

Hello, all! 😀  I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated here at the blog, and I do have some things I’d like to share soon… the first being this adorable version of Shelby the Shelf Elf, worked up by Karen Jarkovics!

I met Karen through the Gettin’ it Pegged! Facebook Page.  She didn’t have the looms available in Australia that were used in making the original Shelby, so she adapted the pattern to be made using a classic 24 peg loom, and a 12 peg flower loom.  Didn’t her Shelby turn out so sweet?  I just love how creativity can be used to make the same design look so different, with its own personality, don’t you?   See the photos below for the process she used to adapt the original design to suit the looms available to her (click on the thumbnails to enter a larger slideshow):

The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to make a design your own by free-stylin’ a bit!  It won’t hurt to deviate from the pattern a smidge, if it results in your particular vision of the project.  Or, if you don’t have a specific vision in mind…don’t be afraid to play around a little and see where it takes you.  If it turns out something doesn’t meet your approval, feel free to rip it out to that spot and try again.  After all…it’s only yarn! 😉

If you have created a Shelby the Shelf Elf of your own, or you intend to, make sure to link yours to the project page in Ravelry so everyone can see all the elf creations in one place…let’s share inspiration with one another.  Happy Looming to you all!


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