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This is Megan’s side of the story about her annual edible works of art she creates for me in the form of one of a kind birthday cakes! 🙂 Every year I am filled with delicious anticipation for her newest creation that I always so appreciate and love…all the way from the finished piece of scrumptiousness to my mouth, lol! Mmmmm 😀

She also gives some tips for creating a pumpkin cake by using a heart shaped cake pan…clever girl!


MonkeyButter Comics

Hey everyone. The 11th was my Mother’s Birthday, and right after that I got really sick with a super long flu, so I’ve been a bit lazy about drawing new comics. But anyway, as promised, here is the cake that I made for her…

Well. first: the original design that I drew on a sticky note. I thought, “Aw this won’t be too hard…I’ll just make two cakes, cut the pieces out of the second cake, and hold it all together with some icing.” That’s what I’ve done for pretty much all the fancy cakes I’ve made before, but this one just had a lot of problems.

Well anyway, the cake was a white cake this year. Usually it’s some form of that heavenly thing we all know and love as chocolate, but I thought I’d try something new. While it was tasty, I’m not sure it was quite heavy…

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