I don’t just do little stalk people.

My girlie, Megan, has been drawing some really adorable pumpkin creations recently, including the one she posted at her site, MonkeyButter Comics, that I’ve linked to here, and one very special sweetly, vintage-styled character for my birthday!

I thought I’d post a pic of it in the next entry for you all to enjoy as well. 🙂 Thank you Megan!

Bethany (Mom)~

MonkeyButter Comics

I drew a Birthday card thing for my Mother on well… her Birthday, it was cute and it got me back into drawing things other than the Dailey Occurrences comics. I will show that picture but she has to show it off first then I can post it here, I’m also working on one right now for a friend, so that will come up when it’s done. But I have a finished-ish one here to show you all, it’s not inked or colored it’s just in pencil. I did however take it in to Photoshop and adjust the contrast and such so it would be easier to see.

Hope you enjoy it.

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