Our Loomy Pumpkin Hat Patch~

Over the last week, my friends and I have been putting our loomy green thumb to use by creating super adorable Pumpkin Hats during our Loom/Crochet Along!  We’ve stretched our fiber skills by growing stems and leaves using crochet techniques, which for several of these gals was something brand new!  They deserve some big pats on the back for the gumption of diving in and making it work…and they all did work, don’t you think?  They all grew from looms and hooks with character and charm, each and every one of them! 🙂

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Aren’t they all so fun and festive?!  It’s just the right season to go pumpkin picking, too! Perfect!  Thank you so much to all of these fine ladies who participated in the pumpkiny-fun this past week. 🙂

Polka Dot 2C4S ToteNow for even more fun: the Contest Drawing for the 2 Cool 4 Stix Tote!

Here are the official entrants, by order of receipt of Pumpkin Hat Photo:

  1. Lisa Romolo-Dos Reis
  2. Karen Mentzer
  3. Lisa Nelson
  4. A.M. Warnke
  5. Nancy Borninkof
  6. Kelly Jones
  7. Kathy McGuire (1)
  8. Kathy McGuire (2)
  9. Elizabeth Ann Desmond Wright

By use of the Random Numbers Generator, the winner is………………………..

#7: Kathy McGuire!

Yay! 😀  Congratulations!  Please send an email with your mailing address to: Bethany@Gettinitpegged.com, and I will send it on it’s merry way to you directly.  Cheers!

Would you like to make your very own Pumpkin Hat Patch?  It’s definitely not too late!  Just head on over here and grow some from your looms today!


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4 Responses to Our Loomy Pumpkin Hat Patch~

  1. kellyknits says:

    Congrats Kathy! Nice looking pumpkin hats everyone! Great job!

  2. Donna Kline says:

    All the Pumpkin Hats look fabulous!

  3. Jenny Stark says:

    Fun, fun, fun punkin’ hats 🙂

    Congrats to Kathy for winning the super stylin tote bag!

  4. Lisa Nelson says:

    So much fun! Loved looking at the pumpkin patch. Congrats Kathy and hurray to all who finished! (Or will finish!)

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