Let’s Loom a Pumpkin Hat! :)

Join me THIS FRIDAY, September 20, 2013, and learn how to create an adorable little Pumpkin Hat from beginning to end! 😀  The fun will begin at 1pm PST until 4pm.

Punkin' Hats The pumpkin is created with loom knitting techniques, then the stem and leaf are created using crochet, every step described in very easy to understand directions on my brand new Pumpkin Hat Video to be released on Friday…perfect for newbies and veteran loomers/crocheters alike! Come and create a ‘lil pumpkin head for your own ‘lil punkins with me! Instructions are also included to make pumpkin hat sizes for the whole family.

We will be using:

  • a knitting loom (instructions given for looms with these numbers of pegs: 26 (Martha Stewart Loom), 31, & 36 (Knifty Knitter Looms))
  • super bulky yarn in orange and green
  • a large crochet hook (size 9mm/US13)
  • and of course, your loom tool, yarn needle, and scissors.

Punkin' Heads!This brand new Loom Along video we will be using on Friday was actually filmed last fall in 2012, but I have just finally found the time to complete the editing, lol.  It is a tad over an hour long, because I go through each step so you won’t get lost anywhere in the project.  So, sometime this week and before you click the play button, be prepared with all your pumpkin making supplies (*see list above), a cuppa tea, and a nice cozy chair.  When we’re through, you’ll have a lovely little pumpkin hat to help usher in the Autumn season with style!

Any questions or comments as you go through the project can definitely be placed below the video post on Friday in the comments section and I will be able to answer you directly through there.  Just make sure to refresh your screen, or click the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” button for the newest info and comments! 

You can also choose to join us at our Gettin’ It Pegged! Facebook Event Page, where you can leave all the comments and questions you desire! 🙂

**This Loom Along is set for September 20, 2013, from 1pm-4pm, PST. these are the “official” hours of the Loom Along where I will be planted at my computer doing nothing else but being ready to help you along with the project. If you can’t make it during that time…no worries! Once the video is released, it will be available any time for your use, and you can also ask me questions anytime…I just might not be able to answer immediately. 😉

Happy Loomy Harvest…see ya’ all Friday! 😀


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6 Responses to Let’s Loom a Pumpkin Hat! :)

  1. Amanda Harris says:

    Hi, Bethany–thank you for doing the loom-along this Friday! It should be fun! I’m wondering if you could give a suggested amount of yarn to purchase? Thanks so much–Amanda Harris

  2. Very good point, Amanda, haha!

    Well…the yarn I use is Lion Brand Thick & Quick, which is a super bulky with 108 yards per skein. I can usually get at least two hats out of one skein of the orange (depending on size made…probably can get 3 of the baby hat size!). The green is the same brand and uses a pretty small amount…probably no more than 10 yards. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Wright says:

    Hello I would like to join as well. I only. Have 4 ply orange yarn can I use that? I’m hoping I have green of the same weight if not I will have to get that. Money is tight so trying to use the yarn stash unless I really have to splurge! Hubby doesn’t like it much.lol

  4. Hi Elizabeth! 🙂

    I should think that would be okay *if* you hold 2 strands together as one to get the gauge. You may be able to work the crocheted leaf and stem part with only one strand, but you may still need 2 to match the gauge of the pumpkin. 😉

  5. Elizabeth Wright says:

    OK Thank you! The crochet stitch is what is going to be difficult for me.

  6. That’s okay! We’ll learn to stretch our talents a bit and go through it step by step together. 🙂


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