Support our Relay for Life…get a free Tee! :)

Hello, everybody! 🙂  It’s me again…that long lost girlie that blogland has forgotten…or was that the girlie that has forgotten blogland, lol? 😉

Things have been quite hectic over here and still remain so.  But, I wanted to pop in and give you a heads up about an upcoming local charity event, and also share with you a way you can earn a really cool and freshly designed tee shirt!  Do I have you on the edges of your seats yet???

My local knitting group in DuPont, WA has joined together to create our very own team for an upcoming Relay for Life event, held on June 1st and 2nd. I’m sure you all know about how this event works to help raise funds for the support of cancer aid and research.  Both of my daughters will be joining me on the team to help support this terrific cause.

Here is my page for collecting donations.  Here is Emily’s page for collecting donations.

Megan’s part has been a little bit different. Instead of personally collecting donations, she has worked several hours to create an absolutely a-DOR-able event logo design for us to sport as a team during the event.  This is sooooo cute, right???

I’d like to sweeten the pot a little for those who donate.  For all those who donate at least $25, you’ll receive one of these very cool and absolutely original T-shirts! 😀  …or you can alternately choose a tote bag with this design, if you’d rather. 😉  The lettering below the owl can be removed for a more generic style design.

Anyone who donates $10-20 can choose any 3 of my original loom knitting patterns, located right here:  Bethany’s pattern shop at Artfire  Just email me at with your choice of three patterns.  🙂

 How’s that for a little bit of incentive??

Remember that the event is going to be held on June 1st and 2nd, so all donations need to be received before these dates!  All t-shirt/tote gifts earned will be delivered after the event…all pattern gifts will be delivered as soon as I can after your donation is received. 

Again, here is my page for collecting donations.  Here is Emily’s page for collecting donations.

Thank you so much for all your help and support!  You all have a wonderfully terrific weekend, K?


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6 Responses to Support our Relay for Life…get a free Tee! :)

  1. Awesome! I definitely want a tote bag 🙂 Great job on the artwork, Megan! And good luck on the relay, team Dailey!

  2. cre8tivkj says:

    Nice artwork Megan! Are you going to be a graphic artist? You should!

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  4. gettinitpegged says:

    Karen, she is definitely thinking of doing something along those lines…but, her heart is leaning towards being a comic artist! 🙂 Have you seen some of her work in the last two Loom Knitters Circle issues? She’s the creator of the “Side Stitch” comic strips! I see improvements in her artistic abilities almost everyday…it’s really quite cool to have been (and still get to be) a witness to it all! 🙂

  5. Walter White says:

    I made an unsigned donation today ($50). Best wishes to you and your girls on this project.

  6. gettinitpegged says:

    Oh, thank you so much, Dad! 😀 You’re the best! We’ll be sure to do you proud!


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