A Valentine from my Girly~

Isn't she just the sweetest little thing??? 🙂

Just goes to show that Valentines are for more than just Sweethearts.   I just love my girls to pieces…they’re both kind, beautiful, funny, and compassionate souls.  This sweet work of art from my Megan was actually created as a special “pick-me-up” surprise when I was having a particularly stressful time.  She knew just what to do to make me feel better.  What a Doll, right? ❤

It would be simply scintillating to know that you all are brewing up deliciously romantic plans for this very loverly day…but if not, I hope that you are able to just simply show those ones around you how much you care about them and that life just wouldn’t be the same without them.  I’m not too much of a traditional die-hard Valentine’s Day participant, but I do love any day that gives a reason for sharing how we feel about our loved ones.  Make the time to spread caring wishes and pass out a few hugs today. 🙂  I’m sure you’ll be well rewarded!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day…have you gone to google.com yet?  Oh, you should definitely!  There’s an adorable little cartoon with a classic tune that will put a smile on your mugs.  Then it takes you automatically to a search all about Valentine’s Day, including links that give you a run down of it’s history.  Did you know that although it didn’t start with the romantic connotations that we link it with today (I wouldn’t call torture or martyrdom too terribly romantic), those traditions actually began clear back in the 14th century??  Wow!  I didn’t realize it has been that long that we have used this holiday to send Sweet Nothings…or awesome SOMEthings, lol…to the ones we love.  It has more history behind it than I knew.  I’ve always joked that it was just one of those made-up holidays that give the retail industry something to sell to the masses, lol. 😉

If you’re looking for something darling to whip up on your looms today, in celebration of the holiday, here are a few quickly completed projects that would make great little last minute gifts for someone special:

Cabled Mug Hug…learn to whip up cables quickly with this pattern and video tutorial series!

Itty Bitty Bags…super easy and very useful as a little goody bag!

Scrubby-O’s …these are really quick to make, but long on use!  This one also comes with a video tutorial series.

Little Loom Knit Hearts by Brenda Myers!  This is a hot off the loom project and is sooo cute…you could make a whole bunch in no time flat! 🙂

Hot Lips Tawashi, also by Brenda Myers…shower those you love in “kisses”,  heehee!

Here’s My Heart….couldn’t resist another by Brenda, as she’s got the market on loom knit hearts cornered, lol!  Read the entire post, because she’s included links to other hearts she’s created over time. 🙂

You must stop by Jenny Stark’s site to visit all her fun little freebies…there are so many that could definitely be whipped up in a hurry for someone you love today!  To name just a few, there are Mini Cream Cones, beaded earrings and bracelets, Blooming Bookmarks, Kissie Fishes, and adorable little Ladybugs and Turtles…such wonderful loomy sweetness!

What kind of plans are you all making for today?  Anything worth sharing with us all?

Happy Sweetheart’s Day!


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7 Responses to A Valentine from my Girly~

  1. Absolutely love Megan’s artwork! Thank you for posting all of the wonderful ideas for today 🙂 I made a sweet little loom knit “Double Heart” in red wool by Brenda Myers, then I stuffed and felted it. Placed it in a card to my older brother and hopefully, will get it today 🙂 I wrote on the card, ” You have my heart”… which can have more than 1 meaning, LOL! Have a very blessed Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. Brenda GA says:

    Love that Valentine!! Megan is so-o-o-o talented – just like her mom! Also, thank you for featuring my loom knitted heart patterns!

  3. gettinitpegged says:

    You’re super welcome, Brenda! 🙂 Thank you for sharing them with all of us! ❤

    ps…yes, I LoVe Megan's talent and am so excited to see where it goes…she's got rockets on her pencils, lol!


  4. Your special Valentine is so sweet.My husband stayed home to take care of me after a spinal shot and he took me to I-hop. I feel like I ran a marathon so it is feet up and knit hearts the rest of the day. Feeling better already from the pain/cortisone shot so I will be moving fast and furious once again.
    Happy Valentines day.

  5. Jenny says:

    Love Megan’s art! So wonderful 🙂 I hope you darling Daileys have a most magnificent Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo

    PS – thanks for sweet words about my little creations 🙂

  6. gettinitpegged says:

    You’re so very welcome, Jenny! I love to spread the word about your sweet little creations and talent! 🙂


  7. Stacy Jozwiak says:

    I love that Valentine that Megan made for you! What a great little home-made pick-me-up for mom! Hope the rest of your Valentine’s Day went swimmingly well!

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