Our New Year’s Eve Expedition…

…to Poulsbo,WA!

I’m oh-so glad we decided to go exploring, as it is such a whimsical little Norwegian built town.  It was originally founded in 1885 and is just dripping with historical landmarks and Scandinavian charm.  We all had a terrific time discovering little shops and quirky items not normally found in the usual variety of shopping expeditions.  I even found some terrific vintage wooden buttons that will be just perfect for the Blanket Sweater! 🙂

Here’s a little slide show of our adventure:

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Speaking of that Blanket Sweater project…I let hubby in on the secret and once I had it off the loom to have it’s first fitting, it turned out he didn’t really like the style.  It was too bulky for him.  He said it was like wearing a rug. (what?!) I now have personal experience  with the Boyfriend Sweater Curse. *sigh*  I think it was more along the lines of this proposed mechanism than any worry over a break-up, though, lol: “Delusion. The knitter imagines incorrectly that their significant other likes them, and is not disillusioned before knitting the sweater and giving it to them.”  Yep.  That would be it.

All is not lost, though, because as coincidence would have it, I LOVE bulky (yet oh-so-soft and absolutely nothing rug-like about it!) things to wrap up and keep warm in and even though the colors aren’t necessarily what I would have picked out for myself, I think this will be just the thing for little ‘ol ME!  ;}  Men…what are you gonna do?

I hope your first week of 2012 has been shaping up to be everything you’ve dreamed it would be!  More on the official wrap up of 2011 coming soon…just wanted to show you how my little family spent New Year’s Eve this year.  Did you do anything special you’d like to share about…?


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5 Responses to Our New Year’s Eve Expedition…

  1. Lynn Markman says:

    Bethany~ I enjoy reading your blog! Thank you, for sharing your adventure, your wonderful family with us! Your husband sure has a cute wife;) The “boyfriend sweater” curse solved! I can’t think of anything finer, than a soft, snuggly sweater!! What a find, to find exactly “the” buttons for it, too!! Yay!!

  2. Kelly Jones says:

    awe…..so sorry to hear about the sweater! You’ll have to share some pics with us soon.

  3. Love the glasses, Sunshine 🙂 They look fantabulous on you! Poulsbo looks like such a fun place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs!

  4. Jenny Tavernier says:

    woohoo! what a fun adventure that must have been! (love the Scandinavian side of things!) Washington has a great community) How far was it from where you are? Did you drive?
    Thanks for the pics! Looks relaxed and just plain fun. Jen

  5. Stacy Jozwiak says:

    What a fantastic town that looks like! And you’ve got to share pics of the sweater! Men, oh so true, *sighs*. Gotta love ’em!

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