I’m trying to contain myself.

It’s really a very difficult proposition, though.

I feel like screaming from the roof tops (with excitement, that is, lol)!

…to tell you the truth…


Why you ask?

Well……………….Check it out:

The first half of the shipment is here!!! 😀

This was taken yesterday,

later in the afternoon,

right after the boxes were opened.  🙂

Those boxes stacked in a precarious pile behind me are those that have been prepared to go out, but are just missing their books….

Does one of them belong to YOU? 😉

I have to tell you that the last two mornings I’ve been listening to the radio as I take my younger daughter to school.  They have a little segment that gives your daily fortune.  Normally, I never pay any attention to these things.  In fact, I usually miss it when my own is listed, lol!

But, yesterday morning I actually heard it.  It said:

“Libra: Emotion will take precedence over logic.”

hmmm… what does that mean?  Am I going to burst into tears and have (a)nother fit over something else that just might go amiss with this whole project??

On hind sight, the prediction was actually spot on…I did let emotions take over, completely forgetting my common sense.

Common sense and logic do not say that you go crazy and laugh maniacally and scream and whoop at the top of your lungs, jumping up and down and looking like a complete KOOK!

But, that is exactly what happened after I opened those boxes, lol…emotions definitely took precedence.

Crazy Screaming Lady...not at all thinking clearly, lol.

This morning on the way to take my girlie to school, I listened to the radio more closely than I normally do, since yesterday’s was so right on.  This morning’s prediction was this:

“Libra:  The Impossible is becoming the Manageable.”

Yessssssssssssssss!!!! (finally)

Happy Friday to you!


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16 Responses to I’m trying to contain myself.

  1. Tammi D says:


  2. AWEsome! 😉 I wish I were there to jump up and down and whoop with you. And give you an enormous hug ❤ The book looks sooooooo awesome and how cute are you, Ms. Sunshine?!? Too cute! You look so pretty in your pictures. I love your hair. Looks fabulous 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. I am like you know, like so excited–can you hear me sqeeling–can’t wait to get my stuff!!!!!!!!!!! love you and you are in my prayers always!!!

  4. You look like you just yelled the roof off. So fun. I love getting packages but also giving packages so others can open them with excitement too. I see you will be busy shipping now. Woohoo, now we can shout the roofs off as we get our gifts. Yippee. I will do a happy dance along with you. Yeah.

  5. Can’t say as I blame you, Bethany, for getting over-the-top excited as I am also excited.

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…I can hardly wait to get my box. I am SO excited for you!!

  7. June says:

    Yippee! I’m going crazy right here along with you! Now I have to try and convince Mathieu (he walked in the house at the wrong moment) that I haven’t completely lost my mind and do not need to be taken down to the Royal Ottawa for the next Basket Making 101 class! Wish me luck!

    OMG! I just realized with all those boxes of books you are going to be a very busy girl signing, packaging and mailing them all out! Yikes! I hope you have something special scheduled for yourself as a gifts to yourself for all you have done! LOL

  8. cre8tivkj says:

    YAY! We are all so excited along with you! You are so pretty too, grinning from ear to ear 🙂

  9. Mary Conner says:

    YIPPIE! ! ! ! ! Yep, I am jumping, yelling(at the top of my lungs), and everything else with you. I know that you are just beside yourself as we all are for you. I tell people that I have NO patience because I am NOT a doctor. Now take a breath before you loose your voice from yelling for joy.

  10. I am so happy for you and all the people that bought your book. Congratulations, It looks great!

  11. domedweller says:

    Yay!!! I’m so excited for you, Bethany! Also, I’m excited for myself, because one of those boxes has my name on it 😀

  12. Karen Mokas says:

    I am sitting at my doorstep, looms in hand,so excited to get my book…

  13. Lynn Markman says:

    Bethany! I am t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d to see that pile of book boxes behind you, my “Crazy Screaming Lady” Girl Friend!! 😀 Yay! What a tough job ahead, autographing all those books! (Get a rubber stamp!! jk 😉 )
    Love & Blessings! Lynn

  14. Terry Taylor says:

    I received my package today….Thanks for all the goodies. I can’t wait to start on some of the patterns in the book……..Great job, Bethany!!!!!!!
    Terry T

  15. Kathy says:

    There is nothing like having an ISBN attached to your name is there? 🙂 Book was here waiting for me. It looks great! Kudos!!

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