New Project Preview…the Sporty Visor! :)

My friend Kristen with GoodKnit Kisses has put together this wonderful video book project review and I’d love to share it with you!  She’s done an absolutely fantastic job with it!  Not only does she preview her Sporty Visor, she also shares all the goodies you get when you back the book project through Kickstarter!  Let’s watch:

All the links and info you need to find out more about the chance to win a free loom and also earn that $100 Gift Certificate through Markman Farms are located here!

Here are a few little close-ups of the Half Hitch technique…this is an example of the detailed photo tutorials you’ll find inside the book:

Don’t forget about the Blogiversary Bash beginning this Saturday, July 30th! 🙂

See ya’ all there!


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1 Response to New Project Preview…the Sporty Visor! :)

  1. Kelly Jones says:

    Oh my gosh! The pacifier clips are so awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to get the book. I’m going to be so busy knitting all this stuff! 🙂

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