26% there…

Loom Knitting for Little People! preliminary cover

Hello everybody! 🙂

I just wanted to check in and let you know how we’re doing with our book launch goal and to let you know that we have a few more options to choose from in the “backing” process.

We have reached the 26% funded level and have 24 days to go!  I still think this is a manageable achievement if we keep spreading the word to all those we think might be interested in a brand new and professionally created loom knitting book, filled with fantastic projects to make for children…the purchase of which also serves to help to support children in need. 🙂  A great combo, if you ask me!

The two new options that have been added for backers are:

-level $60: receive 2 signed copies of the book…one for your knitting bag and one for your craft room!  Or one to keep and one to share…you name it! 🙂

-level $250: this is a terrific option if you have a shop, either online or a brick & mortar storefront, in which you would like to offer Loom Knitting for Little People to your customers or students.  This level will be awarded with an even dozen copies of the book.  An excellent value! 🙂

As always…a huge thank you to you all!  Without you, we wouldn’t be able to have this wonderful sending-off of the book.  I’m so excited to get to share the finished product with you…it’s coming along beautifully and I think it will be a book worthy of your support.

Thank you!


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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2 Responses to 26% there…

  1. Jolene Torgler says:

    “Gettin’ It Posted”… 🙂

  2. Sara Kathryn says:

    I will be praying you reach your goal! I learned how to knit with needles a few months ago, but I have friends who loom knit and I think it is a wonderful book and I will be telling them about it! (I still LOVE reading your blog and enjoy hearing about what all you’re loom knitting.)
    Keep up the good work!
    Sara Kathryn

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