Burgers, Brat’s & Fiber…the best way to spend Memorial Day!

We were blessed this year to have many of our family members join us for a barbecue on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2011.  🙂  The weather cooperated nicely and was beautiful, warm and sunny. It was wonderful to visit and hang with the fam…I just love and appreciate them all! ❤

First we visited the Puyallup Farmer’s Market and enjoyed the sights and rather glorious smells of all the roasting foods, lol.  There were so many dogs of all shapes and sizes   walking with their owners that day…even a small horse Great Dane!  It was like an informal dog show…pretty fun!  Emily and I picked out a few plants, including 2 raspberry bushes, for which we have high hopes of a bountiful harvest this summer. 🙂

When the delicious aromas became just too much for us, we made our way back to my place for our own yummy lunch with my brother in law Bob as the master barbecue-r for the day.  Even the pets enjoyed the day!

One of the creative highlights of the afternoon included Emily sharing her new found joy of spinning with her aunts and cousins.  She was so sweet to help them each try the spindle and then she washed and set their very own little skein of yarn to take home with them. 🙂

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I hope that your holiday has been as filled with fun moments and little blessings as ours has certainly been.  It’s a good time to celebrate the family that we have, while remembering those that have passed, and those that have defended our right to do so.  Blessings to you all!


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3 Responses to Burgers, Brat’s & Fiber…the best way to spend Memorial Day!

  1. Looks like it was a fabulous day, Bethany 🙂 Loved the pics!

    Wish I could sit down with Emily and figure out how to put my spindle to better use. (tell her I did find some time to wind my hanks into cute little yarn cakes today ;D)

    I had to smile when I saw the pic of your cute little Megan with her art pad. Made me think of my Tanner. He loves to draw.

    Glad you had a good Memorial Day weekend and it was great to chat with you last night.


  2. Karen says:

    Wow, Emily is becoming quite the little spinner! Her skeins of yarn look great! I’m glad the weather cooperated and you had a great time with family 🙂

  3. Alberta Tomlinson says:

    You have a wonderful family and thank you for sharing your pictures. Have a great day. ALBERTA

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