The funniest thing happened…

…as I was jettin’ through the drive-thru at Starbucks this morning after dropping my lovely daughter off at school…

Super easy double knit scarfie to make a matching set to my half fingered gloves!

I was concerned about the fact that I hadn’t really done much about my hair or face before zipping out the door, but the guy at the window was so intrigued by the loom knitted set I was wearing that he didn’t pay a lick of attention to anything else! Lol.  He loved the colors and loved the set and wanted one for himself immediately.  hehehee.

Click on the pic for the links and info on this pattern by Karen Gielen!

*Lesson Learned:  If you want to avoid close scrutiny to your person, make sure to wear some fabulous and brightly colored loom knitted goodies as camouflage.  It seems to have the same effect as Obi Wan Kenobi waving his arm across someone’s vision and saying, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” 😉

Give it a try sometime… you might be surprised at your  magical loomy powers!


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6 Responses to The funniest thing happened…

  1. Jolene Torgler says:

    Bethany… I am totally convinced! (Although, I doubt you need to do anything with your hair or face, you are so gorgeous!) I will have to stop knitting things for everyone else, and do a set for myself. It will be a whole lot cheaper than creams, cosmetics and face-lifts at my age! Thanks for sharing a great post… it has me in giggles 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Fun post, Bethany 🙂 I’ll bet you looked cute as can be, all made up or not. Love the scarf and mitts!

  3. josie says:

    i am a little intimidated to try out the half finger gloves, but I will give it a try anyway. That is after i buy another set of loom clips. Sounds like a trip to Joanns with their new coupon!

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    Josie, you really should give them a try! They’re not hard to do at all…you’ll enjoy the process, and love wearing them even more. 🙂


  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Aw, thanks Jenny! 🙂 You’re such a sweetie…and you’ve even seen me in my “unmade-up” face and hair, so it means something coming from you, lol. I love this set too…I wear it all the time. These colors make me feel very happy and at peace. 🙂

  6. gettinitpegged says:

    hahaha! Jolene, I’m glad I provided a good alternate solution to heavy cosmetics use, lol! 😉 The funny thing is that I used to be a Mary Kay Consultant for several years, and now that I think about it, I actually HAVE traded what emphasis my attention is aimed at. Although I do still use MK everyday. 😉 I highly recommend the half fingered gloves by Karen…they’re a super fun project and I truly wear mine all the time. Thanks for commenting!

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