YOUR Cabled Mug Hugs! :)

Whew!  Where has the time gone? I blinked my eyes, and whoosh... it disappeared!  I think getting ready for the holidays does that to a person.  We can develop time displacia… a well known, but curable dysfunction that seems to go away of it’s own accord on or around January 2nd of each year, lol.

Though, I have to say that I have been extremely industrious during the time away from the bloggy…. along with teaching the Mug Hug class at Yahoo Loom Class, I’ve been creating 2 baby shower gifts, 2 Package in the Post gifts, and another giftie exchange with my local knitting group.  No wonder the time has just flown by!

I wanted to share with you some new Clique Pics of the Cabled Mug Hug project.  These beauties were created by some very talented loomy ladies:


Vanessa's Cabled Mug Hugs!

Denise's Mug Hugs!

Stasia's Mug Hug/ Cell Phone Caddy!

Stasia's Mug Hug/ Cell Phone Caddy #2!









Angel's Mug Hug!

Didn’t they all do a fantabulous job??!! 😀  I love them all, ladies!

Stay tuned for more updates on what in the world I’ve been up to the last week or so…you’ll love it, I promise, as it will contain at least 2 special tips and 2 freebie patterns… yep… it’s that fun, lol! 😉

Hope you’re having a happy time with your holiday looming…


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