under construction~

Hey all! 🙂

What do you think of the new gettinitpegged header?

I’ve been planning a change to the site for a while now and had some time yesterday to finally put toward rearranging things a bit.  I still have more ideas though, so you might be seeing some changes in the way things are laid out in the near future.  I hope that it will be very user friendly when I’m all done…feel free to comment and let me know how you’re liking it along the way.  Input is always good, especially from friends! 😉

Happy Looming!


About gettinitpegged

Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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7 Responses to under construction~

  1. Birgit says:

    I really like the header…. its so much fun with all the colors and of course I love the too cool 4 sticks…. will keep on checking on your updates…. hugs Birgit

  2. Carol says:

    Love the new header….bright, eye-catching colors and I have always loved the “2 cool 4 stix” Glad you incorporated that!!

  3. domedweller says:

    Looking good! Very bright and upbeat.

  4. Stasia Renfrow says:

    You are always so creative, it looks great!

  5. Jolene Torgler says:

    I like it for Fall/Winter… fun colors and cute design!!! I also like your previous one for Spring/Summer:)

  6. Diane says:

    Love it!! A real eye catcher…………

  7. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    I saw this yesterday just before my computer crashed completely. I am using my husbands. He is in China so I have to wait until he comes home to help me fix it or get a new one. It totally froze out a program finally. It wouldn’t even shut off and it almost blew the circuit. I finally got it turned off so I’m not touching it until my husband is home tomorrow.
    I love the new header. It is so nicely done. Maybe if I get a new computer I can play around more with stuff too. I just don’t know much about those things.
    How is the knitting going for your ‘secret’? I’m guessing a book or pamphlet. Shhh! secret stuff!!

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