saturday smatterings~

Hello!  🙂

I’ve been sitting here in a house that has been more loved than usual this week.  It’s been re-arranged; dusted; had the ceilings and top of the door and window moldings swept; the downstairs bathroom has been completely  bleached from top to bottom and a new shower curtain liner installed, the kitchen has been scrubbed and the floor cleaned with our newly purchased mop with the scrub brush on one side. 

Home baked goodness has been reinvented in the kitchen as well.  We’ve had chili verde with homemade corn chips; 5 bean & beef soup with corn bread, hearty beef stew and home-baked apple pie, baked and spicy chicken tenders with garlic mashed sweet potatoes. 

Oh the goodness and comforts of fall!  Love it!  I’m feeling right at home in it…and it feels oh so good. 🙂

This morning my hubby and I indulged in our “growing more into a Saturday morning tradition each weekend” outing: we got right up out of bed and threw on some clothes and sort of put ourselves together as best we could for public viewing through the car windows, lol, and headed out to Starbucks for a latte and scone, and then we drove wherever our noses led us.  

Sometimes it’s to the country where sweet breezes waft through the trees and undergrowth.  Today we headed to the north of town where the Puget Sound is within view each direction and the houses are grand and take you back a century just to view them in their shady, nooky type yards and surrounding manicured foliage.  Makes you just want to have all the money needed in your back pocket to just pick the house you love the most and plunk down the cash and move in that very day.  *sigh*

But now…back in our own loved little-big home, with its swept ceilings, familiar corners,  and candles burning brightly with  fall scents permeating each room…it’s all good.  🙂

Now to turn my nose to this basket of yarnie items currently perched  next to me on my cozy couch… maybe I’ll actually be able to complete the project contained in its depths this weekend.  Another item able to be checked off the to-do list… life would go from good to simply grand!


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2 Responses to saturday smatterings~

  1. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Thanks for the fall tour. Your trip reminds me of fall as a little girl. Saturdays or Sundays my father would pack us all in the car for ‘a drive’. No intended destination, no time constraints. It was lovely smelling the scents of apples and grass and leaves. Tomorrow is our first fall cool down. It is muggy today but tomorrow the north wind will blow through. It is said to be 70’s with a low in the lower 50’s. I am so excited.
    I too started cleaning even though it is still hot here and the air conditioning is still on. I have much to do and so many little cobwebs around. I too have been scrubbing down the bath room and dusting and scrubbing the floors. Also, washing and airing out the bed linens. That always smells so nice. Now my craft room and living room are next.I too lit a candle last night. The first in this season. Yeah, I love pumpkin spice candles.I hope to be getting done by next Saturday when my husband comes back from China.

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    Love it, Jeannette! It looks like the fall nesting instincts are beginning to be sparked into action clear across the country! Enjoy your sparkling and quickly coming into order home and your crisp fall weather on the way! 😀

    Thanks so much for sharing… Bethany~

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