Loomy News!

Okay…Check this out!

Loom Knitting is really starting to receive an ever expanding wave of acknowledgment in the crafty world!

This is the newest sales flyer by Joann and it features a lovely picture of a mom and girlie happily playing with yarn together…

but look!  Over to the side…

It’s a Knifty Knitter Loom!!!

Isn’t that cool?  I just love seeing that in the main stream advertising being placed into everyone’s mail boxes. 😀  It kind of gives me a warm-happy feeling.

The sale is not to be passed over either…a whopping 25% off their entire stock of YaRn!  We’d better be out shopping this week… I’ve got some items on my to-do list that I just don’t have quite the right type of yarnie tid bits in my stash yet, lol.

Another part of their sale this week that really caught my eye is the 30% off all knitting and crochet books!

…and Look Again!  What’s that I see peeking out from behind Vogue Knitting??

Yes!  It’s our very own Loomy Bible: Isela Phelps’ Loom Knitting Primer!

We’re really getting some great billing here: not one but TWO references to Loom Knitting this week from a major crafty source…

I just love it! 🙂

So while you’re out shopping this week… be sure to pop in to Joann’s to take advantage of this great sale.  It’s not often you get yarn AND books on sale in the same week! (…and NO…I don’t work for Joann’s in any way, nor am I getting any kind of compensation for giving them a little plug.  I just thought it would be nice to pass along to all you loomies out there, lol.) 😉

Happy Looming!


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1 Response to Loomy News!

  1. June says:

    Whoo hoo! Perhaps in the next sales flyer they will be looming and the knitting needles will be sticking out at the side! LOL

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