feeling good…

Sunshine almost always makes me happy…la-de-da-de-da-de-daaaaa…

Yes, the week has almost completed it’s crazy go-round, including the wild ride of a weekend with not 2 but THREE holidays in our family!  We celebrated Valentines Day, Presidents Day and my lovely daughter #2’s 14th Birthday!  Whew!  😛

It was really a very fun weekend, packed as full as we could cram it, including 2 trips out of town…which left us a tad bit drained by the time the week inexorably rolled onto Tuesday, with meetings at 2 different schools, and registration (including testing) for my daughter #1, all while trying like mad to keep up with daughter #2’s school work at home.  Here I sit, while she and I work on Algebra together, and I type  my little update to you in between the working out of problems.  We’re learning about the joys of compound interest.  My Meg was pretty floored when she realized with wide eyes that the banks really like to put one over on us!  I told her laughingly, “Welcome to the real world, honey.”  😉  It’s a sad lesson to learn, for sure…

But, interestingly enough, even with all the hub-bub of rushing around and trying to keep up, and learning about sort of depressing things in life, I realize that I’m really quite happy.  The sun is shining in the nice big windows of our bungalow, there’s relaxing music playing in the background, I just took a little time out to purchase some new sock yarn (!) at a screaming deal through Simply Socks, and we’re cruising along with school quite nicely today.  There’s even a hope of getting out and visiting the library, and the post office a little later today.  Ahhh…the simple things in life, right?

But, really…it dawned on me just this morning that I’m feeling rather satisfied with life right now.  There’s nothing very spectacular going on…just the everyday stuff of living.  I think it comes from knowing that I’m truly loved and taken care of, and that I truly love and take care of right back.  How’s that for a Post-Valentine’s realization?   There have been different things in my past that have caused me lasting pain…the kind of stuff that lingers and sours and colors everything like a bad toothache.  But, as I was pondering this morning, I realized that those feelings are pretty much gone.  vanished.  kaput.


This is huge.  After struggling for so many years with different aches that just kept boring deep under the surface, to find them simply and quietly gone one day is quite profound.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and serenity. I guess the song is right when it says, “All we need is L.O.V.E.”  …though, I would just add one more word to that, which would be T.I.M.E., as in the age old saying, “Time heals all wounds.”

What a great way to enter the weekend, right?…let alone the rest of my life!  I hope all is right in the world where you are…Happy Living!  😀


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1 Response to feeling good…

  1. guppylovesshark says:

    I’m glad you are feeling so content. You deserve it Miss Sunny ❤ Did you buy the socky yarn with the silver sparkle? Or something different? You'll have to show us pics when you've made something wonderful with your new yarn. Hugs!

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