*Winter Whimsy LAL Part II*

Okie-Dokie!  You should by now have completed (or be close to) your 2 panels as described in the last post.  Now you’re ready to create your buttonhole flap and then remove your longer panel from the loom!  😀

Before we get into that, what you may want to do right now is take the time to subscribe to this particular post’s comments.  If you subscribed to the pattern, Part I, you’ll still need to subscribe again to this post, so that all our comments about the 2nd section will be listed in the same place. 

Need a refresher on how do I do that, you ask??


Just go to the comments section of this exact post, type your comment that says you’re going to be a participant in the LAL fun, then find the box below the comment box that says: “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” Put a check in that box before submitting your comment.  You can also check the box that says: “Notify me of new posts via email.” so that you’ll know right when the next bit of the pattern has been released.  😉  In doing these steps, you’ll know when there’s a new question asked and also my response to that question…so we’ll all be learning together and from each other!

Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Button Flap:

  • *You will begin your decreases at the 2nd set of pegs in from the ends (in this first row, it will be your 2nd set and your 11th set).  To do this, you will lift the loops from these pegs (directions are given as a group, but you should do this step one peg at a time), move the loops which are on the ends over to these now empty pegs, then replace the held loops on top of the newly added loops.

  • Knit the row with the remaining pegs, knitting two over one on the pegs with 2 loops.
  • The next row will be another decrease row, following the same instructions from the *  but, in this case, you will also be moving extra loops to create your buttonholes.  Please move the loops from peg pairs #4 & #7 to peg pairs #3 & #8 of the remaining 10 pairs. 

  • Knit the row with the remaining pegs, knitting two over one on the pegs with 2 loops.  You will have 2 peg pairs with no loops…these you will wrap as usual, but will not KO until the next row.
  • Continue to follow the decrease instructions from * (minus the buttonhole steps) until you are left with only 2 peg pairs with loops.
  • Bind Off the last 2 peg pairs, trim WY, pull through last loop, weave in ends to secure.  For an easy BO, follow these steps:
  1. Move the loops from the back side of the loom on top of the loops on the front side of the loom.  KO.
  2. Move the loop connected to your WY to the last peg, KO.  Trim yarn, pull tail through last loop, cinch and weave in to secure.

Pocket Purse Strap:

  • Create a 2 peg I-Cord with 8″ tails, until you reach the length of 46″ (here is a video tutorial for a re-view).  Remove from loom, and keep stitches unbound (you may place on a stitch holder, or a piece of scrap yarn to secure).
  • On the wrongside of your longer panel, find the half way mark, not including the buttonhole flap.
  • Measure from the halfway mark up 2.5″ toward the BH flap.  Place some type of marker (stitch holder, scrap yarn, pins, etc…) at the beginning and end of the 2.5″, at the first rows on each end of the panel. (*see diagram)

  • Place the CO end of your I-Cord onto a yarn needle and pull through these markers, invisibly inside the double knit thickness, so that you have one continous loop inside your panel (see diagram).

  •  Using your I-Cord tails, stitch loop closed end to end.  Weave tails in, up inside the I-Cord.
  • ***Note:  If you’ve decided to knit a single layer panel, then in order to attach this cord invisibly to the inside of your panel, you’ll need to create either two smaller panels to stitch down (as a tube) so that the I-Cord can be slipped through, or create a loose casing by whipstitching yarn around the I-Cord and into the inside layer of your panel, along the measurement lines, making sure that the I-Cord is secure, and can still be pulled through easily.  Those of you with crochet skills could create a casing in this manner just as well. 😉

Okay…That’s it for now!  The final instructions will be published soon! 

**Remember that all questions regarding this section of the pattern should be submitted to this exact post, so that we can all keep up and learn from each other.  🙂

Happy Looming!


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37 Responses to *Winter Whimsy LAL Part II*

  1. Stacie says:

    Thanks for part 2.

  2. Carol Williams says:

    Thanks Beth.

  3. Brenda GA says:

    Still auditing & ready for part deux.

  4. Kelly J says:

    Please move the loops from peg pairs #4 & #7 to peg pairs #3 & #8 of the remaining 10 pairs.

    are these moving directly on top or are they going underneath 3 & 8?


  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Kelly, you can go right on top for these loops. 😉

  6. June says:

    Off to read this through again and give it a shot!

    Thanx Bethany!

  7. Pam says:

    Just about finished the first part, have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow, so should be able to finish it while I wait my turn.:)

  8. Pat says:

    I will be participating in the LAL fun.

    Need to finish part one so I can get on with part two.

  9. Marcie says:

    I am not ready for the second part but am going to continue to participate.

  10. Marcie says:

    I forgot to check the box.

  11. Dianne Patricia Carroll says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm seems I was leaving notes on wrong site (smile)So glad to see Part II. Thanks so much for such a cute project Bethany. Leave it to you to create something so cute and unique.

  12. gettinitpegged says:

    Hey, Dianne! 🙂 No worries on the comments to the other site…I’m really at both places, lol. I just wanted to try something new and have the LAL at the blog this time. Also, I can answer questions through this media more easily when I’m away from my computer than I can with Yahoo…so here we are… 😉

    I’m really glad you’re having fun with the project…I like to keep you hoppin’! I’m so glad you’re joining us in all the fun!

  13. JackieA says:

    Trying to keep up on everyone’s progress…I’m still working on some UFO’s and started doing some of the bookwork that needs to be finished before the end of Jan. I need some sunshine…to get my self more motivated…and help me get more things done. This cloudy, cold & snow & icy weather is fine for a little while, but I’m ready for it to be over. I guess we should’ve moved somewhere warm, instead of just down the road here in MO. LOL

    Bethany your instructions look easy to follow, I’m hoping I can get a little extra time this weekend and get caught up with everyone.

    Thanks again for the loom-a-long…even if I am a little bit late starting. Happy Looming!

  14. Carol Williams says:

    Both pieces off the loom, ends tucked in…bring on Part III. I can hardly wait to wear this…..it is SO soft!!

  15. Jessica says:

    So along with making the button holes, we’re also moving stitches to decrease? So will there be three stitches on pegs 3? I think I might be confused.

  16. Jessica says:

    Nevermind. I think I figured it out. It would counting pegs 3 and 7 from the 10 that are left on the loom. Silly me, sorry!

  17. Sandra says:

    I an now able to start this sal. Am keeping up with the comments via email.

  18. Pat says:

    I guess I’m having a senior moment, but I’m confused.

    The first decrease takes us from 12 sets of pegs to 10 sets. Yes?

    The second decrease is like the first one, taking us from 10 sets down to 8, and then on the same row you move the stitches to create the buttonholes. I’m lost on the 4 & 7 peg pairs and the 3 & 8 peg pairs. Where are they counted from? The original 12 sets, the 10 sets after the first decrease, or…….? Then the stitches are moved toward the edges rather than the center?

    For some reason I’m not seeing this row. The reference to 10 pairs at the end of the third step under Button Flap is throwing me.

    TIA for your help.

  19. Bethany says:

    Hiya, Pat! 🙂
    If you just think of the buttonholes as being centered on the remaining pegs, with 2 pegs between them, then you should be able to see it better. The numbers are for the remaining 10 pegs with loops, before the end decreases are made. 😉
    Also, I placed them going outwards rather than inwards to create a bit more of an opening for those buttons to go through.
    Hope this helps!

  20. joyce says:

    I am trying to get finished with the swatches, due to other life circumstances

  21. Kelly J says:

    Once we have the icord in can we take out the stitch markers for the half way points and 2.5″ points? I’m done with this step!

  22. Bethany says:

    You betcha’ Kelly! Feel free to remove those markers. 🙂

  23. LindaJ says:

    I’m luring and reading. going to try to start this week. Is it alright for me to copy the instructions onto one sheet-so I can take it into the family room?;)

    Thanks for sharing this pattern!

  24. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    I’m behind and haven’t started yet but I do want to make this. I’m going to copy and read and hopefully start soon. Maybe I can loom all day Wednesday while lying down. I have to have a spinal shot and no work at all, no getting up even. Good time to try and start this just before and do the knitting that day. At least I won’t be bored then.

  25. Sue says:

    I’m looming along

  26. Bethany says:

    Hi, Linda!
    Please feel free to assemble the pattern parts together for your convenience. 🙂 I’m glad you’ll be looming along with us this week! 😀

  27. Bethany says:

    Jeannette, I hope everything goes alright with you in your various medical quests…I SO know what you’re going through! Even though looming with us might serve to take your mind of your discomfort, please make sure to not over do it, K? We all care about you and want you to recover 100%!!! Hugs! 🙂

  28. tina says:

    LaL join

  29. JudyB says:


    I just spent several hours over several days unraveling Red Heart Soft Yarn. The company told me that the Soft Yarn does not have a center pull and that I should have pulled the yarn from the outside of the skein. Who knew? If I didn’t like the color and texture so much, I would have used something else. The second skein is still in its original condition, so I hope that works better.

    Now it’s time to catch up with everyone.

    Have a great evening.


  30. Bethany says:

    Oh, Judy…I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t know that about Red Heart Soft…you’d think they’d make a note on the package to pull from the outside, so that folks don’t end up having all that trouble. Aww-hugs!

    But, all is good, and no troubles here with starting late. This project is really quite simple and quick-you’ll catch up in no time. 😉

  31. Pam Sawyer says:

    Finally managed to get caught up, everything off the loom and ready for the next part. Can’t wait!! 🙂

  32. Scarlett says:

    Boy, I’m really behind – I’m still on Part 1 (only 1 panel done), but I’m still in! – I will get caught up soon or finish it if I never get caught up…lol

    I have a rule – No more than 2 things on looms at the same time. It works and I get my looming projects done as long as I don’t go off and do other crafting or sewing (like I have been lately).

  33. Marcie says:

    Hi Bethany,
    I have finally gotten back to working on this project.
    Hugs Marcie

  34. Marcie says:

    Thank you Bethany for a wonderful project I hope you got the photo of mine in the email.
    It was fun and mine is 20 pegs done on the knitting board so it is a bit larger than supposed to be. I read the pattern wrong and cast on 20 pegs.

    I like how it came out and the kids will love it.

    Thank you again you always have such fun projects.

  35. JudyB says:


    What size buttons do I need to have? Did I miss that somewhere along the line?



  36. Bethany says:

    Marcie, I did get your pic and your Whimsy turned out fantabulous! :D. I’ll be posting everyone’s pics soon…thanks so much for looming with us! I’m so glad you had a good time. 🙂

  37. Bethany says:

    Judy, my buttons were 7/8″, but really, it’s whatever you like and will fit through your button holes without being too loose. Hehehe…was that vague enough, lol? 😉

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