getting to the job at hand…

I’ll say it…I’m not proud…I can admit it…

I’ve been having such a great time playing with my looms and yarn, whipping new stuff up right and left as the mood strikes, but sadly…

Yes, sadly…I’ve been all play and no work.  I’m behind on actually getting my patterns into some kind of nice format (I mean other than scribbled in my little brainstorming notebooks, lol) so that I can pass it along to you, my loomy friends.

I will admit that other things have been making their claims on my time, taking precedence over the typing and formatting needing to be done… such as birthdays, baby showers, 2 trips out of state for loomy filming and crafting, candle parties, holiday parties, roller skating, ice skating, ginger bread making… you name it, and I’ve been participating in it, lol!

But now, my friends, it’s to the grindstone I go… with no less than six…yes I said SIX (!) new projects that need to be put in pattern form. I have work ahead of me, but I think I can squeeze it in.  I do have a few more pots on the fire, but I think I can just manage to at least provide you with 2 complete patterns by the end of the week… how does that sound?

Here’s a little run down of what I’ll be working on:

Ruff-les and Stripes Set

Silly Sidewinder and Jester Hat

…and two more that I can’t as yet spill the beans on…

But soon!  I promise! 😉

So hopefully, the next time I sit down to chat with you, it will not be empty handed… you’ll have something new to choose from in the pattern category here at the Loom Knitter’s Clique.

Until then, be sure to have an absolutely fantabulous week! 😀


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1 Response to getting to the job at hand…

  1. guppylovesshark says:

    The pattern writing is my least favorite part of the whole process 🙂 I put it off too, lol. Hugs!

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