Birthday Blessings~

Well…as many of you know already, yesterday was my 38th birthday!  🙂  I’m not really one who loathes these things…actually, any reason to have some fun is great with me, lol!  Once I got past my 30th birthday, which came at a really troublesome time in my life, and probably really affected my ability to be happy about turning the 30-something corner, every other one has been a breeze.  My 38th one was no exception!

Since it fell on a Sunday, we kind of made the whole weekend a fun celebration, starting with Friday.  I traveled to my hometown to get my hair done and be generally pampered by my favorite beautician (thanks, Jeannine!) and then on Saturday, the girlies and I had a day of craftiness and fun in our new hometown.  We first went to the Great Pumpkin Event at Michaels Crafts, each creating our own spooky pumpkins, which you can see below in the pics.  After that, we went to lunch, explored a new antique shop (this is one of our family’s favorite hobbies…we’ve raised our girls right, wouldn’t you say??) and then checked out a new yarn store: Shibori Dragon, which I believe I saw at the Sock Summit, and which is actually stocked with much, much more than just yarn!  It has beads, embroidery goods, and fabrics as well…most of which are specialties from Japan…very nice place to hang out! 🙂

Sunday, my hubby took me to a very nice breakfast, then we planned on going to Lattin’s Country Cider Mill (one of our family’s yearly traditions), but after doing a little grocery shopping, waiting for my youngest girlie to finish baking a cake ;), and walking the bunny, it was really too late to try to fit the cider mill in.  We decided to give this fun event the time it needed, and thus move it to next weekend, and headed off to a movie instead: 9.  It was really very interesting, kinda spooky, and very visually impressive.

Before the movie, we had cake made mostly by my youngest, which was absolutely delish and amazingly creative!  She crafted it into a jack o lantern pumpkin…out of a heart cake pan!  Isn’t that just clever??  And let me tell you, it was absolutely melt in your mouth goodness of Devil’s Food Chocolate…mmmmmm!  See the pics for one of the most awesome birthday cakes ever…

Another absolutely amazing thing?  My eldest daughter (with some creative juices from my younger thrown in) created this tiny sock money out of itsy bitsy crochet…all her own design, with no pattern!  I swear she needs to sell these little things, don’t you think?  She put on the little green bow because it’s her favorite fuzzy yarn, and it looks like a Dr Suess bow tie…cute, huh?   She knows I have a thing for sock monkeys and have never yet had one of my own.  Now I do!  😀

Here are the pics of one of the most enjoyable birthday weekends ever, spent with my favorite loved ones and blessings all around:

Bethany's 38th B-Day funI hope your upcoming week is filled with just as many wonders…


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7 Responses to Birthday Blessings~

  1. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday Bethany! I’m glad you had a good one.


  2. Isela says:

    Happy Birthday girl! You had a fabulous weekend! I loved all the creations!

  3. robinlmccoy says:

    That looks like the most perfect weekend! 😀 I love all the pics (and have never seen a bunny in a halter lead before, LOL!) Tell your girls that the cake and that pumpkins are AWESOME (and I would totally steal the white one that your older girlie did!) Also, tell her that she needs to make a whole collection of finger puppets for my kids for Christmas. LMBO! 😀

  4. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    What a wonderful Birthday your girls gave you. That sock monkey is adorable. She did a wonderful job. And the cake was a heart pan? Your crafting is wearing off on the girls. What a great set of pictures to remember this birthday by. Sorry I didn’t have your birthday down anywhere. I see it was a great one and you had tons of fun.

  5. guppylovesshark says:

    Wow! Looks like you were treated right 😉 That is a dang adorable sock monkey – and one of the sweetest gifties ever ❤ And what a fabulous looking cake – looks very professional. You have raised them girls right, lol. I think you had your hair "did" right 🙂 You look purty! Hugs! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  6. Scarlett says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Bethany! Sorry I missed it…

    My 30s were my most fav. years. Turning 40 was the hard one for me as my daughter was graduating from high school and didn’t need me as much. It’s really true that kids keep you young. I used to have a rabbit (lop-eared) too many years ago and never thought about gearing him up with a harness and leash – great idea. I did let it roam around now and then in our fenced backyard. I have a pic somewhere with him, our cat, and my daughter on one of those adventures of his. You’d think from the pic that the cat and bunny were best of friends…such a cute pic…

    Take care,

  7. Brenda GA says:

    Happy belated birthday, Bethany! I’m so sorry I’m late with the wishes, but it looks as if you had a wonderful birthday bash! You are so fortunate to have such thoughtful & creative daughters…the cake was awesome and I love that sweet little sock monkey!! BTW – I love your hair, you look more like 28 than 38.

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