Are we having fun yet?

I know it’s been awfully quiet here in my little corner of the WWW… it’s just been taking a certain amount of time to adjust to living in a new town and all that implies…including getting lost a few times while trying to truck my eldest daughter to her Running Start classes at the college.  I’ve been spending this entire week trying to figure out the best route with the least amount of traffic jams…which varies depending on which time of day we have to make the trip.  We’re sort of getting the hang of it though…we’ve narrowed it down to 15 minutes there on a good day, lol. ;P

We’ve had some culture shock with living in a big city as well.  One evening, after my hubby and kidletts brought groceries in from the car, they forgot in the scramble to make sure the car doors were locked…or even shut…and forgot a couple of grocery bags to boot!  Sure enough, the next morning when my hubby was looking for his lunch supplies, they were nowhere to be found.  He thought they might have left them in the car and when he went out to check, found that someone had helped themselves to the meals and a few other things, including my checkbook and Blackberry earphones with microphone.  *sigh*  I sort of blame myself.  I’m such an OCD person about checking to make sure everything is closed and locked at night, and have driven my family crazy for years.  This particular night, I remembered at about 12:45am (actually jolted out of a sort-of sleep…haven’t been sleeping really well since before the move…too much stress, I think) that my lovely family probably didn’t lock the car after getting the groceries, and that my checkbook just happened to be in there (something I never do, but had been carrying it around in my little purse for the set up of our new home, and when we went to the Puyallup Fair, had decided to tuck it away in the car rather than have the extra weight & bulk).  I got up and clicked the alarm on the key fob through the dining room window.  Sadly, it didn’t do the trick…it would be really funny, though, if that was the exact time the person was digging around in there, and my honking the alarm freaked them out, lol! 😉

On a happier note, we all went to do some destressing at the Puyallup State Fair on Saturday.  I’ve never been, and it was really a fun experience, except for the pressing crowds everywhere.  We kept having to walk single file, weaving our way through the mass of people everywhere we went.  I couldn’t believe the lines to the exhibits and the rides…it really competed with Disneyland at times!  We did manage to time everything to miss the worst of the lines and still enjoy what we wanted to see…here are some pics of the day for your perusal:

Puyallup Fair 09 sm

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 🙂


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2 Responses to Are we having fun yet?

  1. Carol Williams says:

    so sorry to hear of the break-in. You aren’t old enough to remember, but I remember the days where if you left groceries in the car, the neighbor would bring them in for you. We never locked out houses OR our cars. Now I don’t like to leave it even out in the driveway. It is in the garage every night. Hope you are able to get the checks canceled without any further mess. Thinking of you during your adjustment!!

  2. guppylovesshark says:

    😦 Sorry about the loss of groceries and things. Not fun! But it looks like the fair was fun 🙂 I hope you get resting well soon. Hugs!

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