BiG BoOk SaLe!!! :D

Okay…I’ve been moving and shaking over here… and disturbing many a dust bunny, lol.  I’ve decided to lighten my load a bit before our move… which hopefully is happening very soon!  (Yippee!!!)  So, I decided to pass along these great crafting books to my friends here, rather than adding them to the yard sale.  

  • For any purchases you’d like to make, please email me at:  and let me know which books you’re interested in. 
  • Only payments through PayPal will be accepted. 
  • All shipping is included!
  • If you’d like to purchase a bundle of 3 or more, please feel free to make an offer! 
  • I will consider purchases outside the US with additional funds to make up the difference in shipping. 
  • First come, first serve, so hurry, hurry, hurry! 😉

PS:  I’ll be in and out this weekend, as we’ve got lots going on around here, but please know that I will be checking every chance I can and will get back with your requests ASAP.

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3 Responses to BiG BoOk SaLe!!! :D

  1. Jennie says:

    Wow, how I wish I lived in the same country as you! Even though I’d have to hide these books under my bed as I’m supposed to be making space for moving, and husband would be a bit tetchy with me if I bought more crochet stuff!

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    hahaha! You have a bit of the same trouble as I have: downsizing for moving. My hubby is very good when it comes to books, though, as it’s kind of an obsession in our whole family. 😉 Books are great friends!

    Most of these books are for crochet…a craft which I absolutely love to do, but it doesn’t love me- my hands and arms just ache after doing a very little bit, so I really need to say good bye to those particular ones for the sake of my health, lol!

    I hope your move goes well!!

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