Wordless Wednesday: Ouch!

Well….I thought it was going to be “Wordless” until I realized that my unlucky streak was multiplying, and I had just too many quirky things happening to not share with you all, lol.
Here’s a little sampling of the extra spice that’s been adding to the ingredients that make up my life:
been over-doing it lately, so it's back in the brace for me. :(I’m back in my left brace, because I pulled my tendon in my wrist…not because I was lifting something heavy, or doing anything I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing, but…get this: I was drying my back with a towel!  I was doing that twisty thing when you hold both ends and rub back and forth, and TWANG!  😛   Not good.  It is doing better now,and I don’t have to wear the brace all the time, but it sure is sore and I need to wear it when I’m packing for the move.
2)  Last weekend we went to a picnic for my hubby’s work and at the end of the afternoon we all bought Popsicles from an ice cream truck.  I had the rocket pop kind, with the red, white and blue.  I popped that baby in my mouth, and wouldn’t you know that it STUCK to my entire bottom lip!  I seriously couldn’t get it off for about 2 minutes…talk about freezer burn!  I think it’s now finally done peeling, lol.
3)  Two nights ago we were driving in the car and my hand was resting in the  top of the open window when all of the sudden, my hubby decided it was time to close them!  My middle finger was completely squashed inside the slot where the window meets the car!  I screamed involuntarily and scared everybody with my high pitch.  It came out so fast, I couldn’t believe it was me, lol.  Movie Quote: “Is that my voice?? Is that MY voice??”  My hubby felt so bad and helped to doctor me up, as the skin was scraped off and my finger needed icing.   I did get rather razzed about my “girlie scream” though. 😛 
4) Last night, I was getting ready to go to my local loom knitter’s night.  I had just taken a cold shower, as it’s been SO HOT here in the Pac NW, and had completely gotten all ready and reached out to turn off the hot water tap at the bathroom counter for the last time before running out the door. 
The thing literally blew up in my hand!  Hot water was spurting like a geyser out of the broken faucet…completely drenching me, my clothes, the entire ceiling, the walls, the floor was flooding fast!  I yelped again as I was trying to do anything I could to stop the water from spewing out the tap…it was a good thing that my hubby just walked in the door…he came running to the rescue and was only barely able to turn off the water underneath the cabinet while I was still trying to stop the flow up above.  Let me tell you: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with our water pressure, lol! 
After the torrential onslaught was over, we grabbed all the towels at hand to start mopping, which as my daughter happily pointed out, was so lucky I had just finished washing & folding them all…yeah…real lucky, lol!  I scrambled to save us from electrocution from our running fan, blow dryer, etc. and started rescuing everything from under the counter cupboards.  When the rush was over, I was an absolute mess!  😛  The bathroom and upstairs were steaming hot, as it was hot water spurting and the temperature had been over 100 degrees already.  I ended being an hour late to our meeting, had to change clothes twice (I was hurriedly picking up a few odds and ends and an Otter Pop wrapper leaked on me!) and decided to sport a lovely “wet” hair style…not. 😉 
Oh, well…  It was so good to be with my local looming buds, that my troubles were soon put right.  We had a great time learning a new project and visiting with one another.  🙂  Now, if everything goes right, we’ll be all ready for the blogiversary this Friday, with no hitches or snags.  (I promptly ignored a “black cloud” that wanted to follow me on Twitter…I thought that might be pushing my luck, lol!)
So…cross your fingers for me, throw salt over your shoulders, and above all else, avoid those ladders, black cats and mirrors…maybe your good luck will rub off a little and come spiralling it’s way blithely to my doora girl can always hope.  😉

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1 Response to Wordless Wednesday: Ouch!

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow! You have had some wild times 🙂 I will wish you luck ❤ Maybe the bubble wrap isn't such a bad idea after all. Hugs!

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