Whew! What a Week…

Hiya!  I’ve been under the weather since Monday…well, actually more like 6 feet under  with a terrible onslaught of summer flu/cold and have been unable to get to the blog since then.  But let me tell you that it’s not for lack of things to say!

Mom and Dad under ArchWe held my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday and it went beautifully!  How many couples do you know that have celebrated their 50th anniversary?  It’s an amazing milestone to be proud of and  hollered from the rooftops. 🙂  My siblings and I have been planning this since we were preparing for my nephew’s wedding last July.  We’ve been meeting covertly to discuss all the planning and to divy out all the assignments.  There are five of us to divide it all between, but even so, it turned out to be a very big to-do list!  My end of the deal was to create a closeup of candlewebsite for them, and to design and purchase all the supplies for the invites, and all the floral arrangements for decoration.  I also got the task of scanning all of my family’s old photo albums to be used in a video slide show for the event.  This alone was a beast of a chore and took my dd and me 12 hours straight on the last day of the push before I absolutely had to hand over the scanned pics to my brother to put into slide show format…whew!  Everything else on my list was a breeze once that was completed, lol!

mom and dad in the buffet lineOn the day before the event, we got together at my 2nd eldest sister’s house (who was really the director for the entire affair and all meetings took place at her home) to prep the food and decor.  I made 12 floral arrangements, 8 gallons of iced tea, and helped skewer countless chicken ka-bobs for the dinner…did I tell you that playing with raw meat gets me queasy, lol?…but let me tell you…they were absolutely delicious!

emily with mom's dressMy eldest daughter spent the prep day in repairing little tears in my mother’s wedding gown…from age and kids trying on throughout the years, you know how that is…she made countless tiny little stitches to bring it back to it’s original glory and we steamed it to be placed on display at the party.  Everyone enjoyed looking at it, and it was made a hundred times more special to know that my grandmother, my mom’s mom, made the dress herself!  🙂  Mom and Dad by big photoWhat a lot of love went into that gown throughout a span of 50 years…

My eldest sister’s family made this so cool actual size blow up from one of my parents’ wedding photos, and we had this on display near the dress.  What a ton of fun we had with it!   She also put together a fun photo board that had pics grouped by decade…some of them a real riot, lol!

My niece and nephew, believe it or not…made this absolutely gorgeous cake for the celebration!  Isn’t it wonderful???  We have a very creative group of relatives, if I do say so myself! 😉

Katie finishing cake 2The CakeCake Closeupemily stuffing her face with cake!

In the end, I think my mom and dad were very much surprised at everything we had put into the celebration (as we had kept everything top secret…they only knew what time we were going to be picking them up, lol!) and will remember the day with great fondness.  It’s not every day you get to celebrate 50 years of commitment to someone!

Then.,..Father’s Day went by in a rush, and I ended up really sick on Monday, and I’m so ashamed to say that with all the hub-bub of the previous events and then getting sick, both my hubby and I completely forgot that our 19th wedding anniversary was Monday as well!  😛  I think that’s the first time in 19 years we have actually forgot.  Since I’ve been sick all week, we decided we’ll celebrate on this coming weekend to make up for forgetting.  😉  I’d better get lots of rest, because I don’t want to miss out…again!

Hope you’re having a happy week…


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  1. guppylovesshark says:

    Wow Bethany! That looks like a super event! Can you come plan my 50th wedding anniversary? You’ve got plenty of time 😉 35 years, lol. I want one of those gorgeous trellises, pretty candles, a beautiful cake, yummy chicken kabobs… heehee. What a special event you all put together. The dress is beautiful and how sweet that your daughter made repairs to it. What neat memories were shared and created for this gathering ❤

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